Artist Radar: The Veragroove

Artist Radar: The Veragroove

Straight out of Phoenix, AZ & celebrating the release of their new EP, THe Pier has set this week’s Artist Radar on The Veragroove complete with photos, tour dates, FREE MP3, Video & a better understanding of new music coming out of Phoenix, AZ! Check back every Thursday for a NEW Artist Radar complete with artist background, photo, a FREE MP3 Download and MORE!

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Veragroove Bio/Background:
Music is often classified and categorized into genre. We each cut up and decide which types of melodies and rhythms determine the sound of, for instance, rock, country, classical, or jazz. However, as we ascend and rise above a heavily commercial musical threshold of recent history, more and more bands are moving away from formula driven blueprints and are experimenting and venturing into new artistic territories. The Veragroove is a culmination of this kind of experiment. Derived from “Truth in Music”, the Veragroove collective faces the musical challenge that what may be music to some may not be music to others.

Culturally, each band member comes from different backgrounds with various musical influences, experiences, and essentially, truths. Corey Sims (bass) was raised on motown and funk. Johnny Maurer’s (drums) style was built upon the foundations of John Bonham, Bud Gaugh, Travis Barker, and Dave Grohl. Sean Lee (keyboardist) comes from a classical background with Hawaiian and reggae influences. (Lead singer and guitarist) Ricky Moore’s eccentric style can be derived anywhere from Django Reinhardt to Dizzy Gilespie to the Germs. The prism that is the result of such a variety of influences comes together in the Veragroove unique sound.

Veragroove Free MP3:

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FREE Song: Mind.Body.Soul

Enjoy the FREE song! The Veragroove has just released their first EP, Travelin Man. The band had the privilege to work with Grammy nominated Craig Schumacher in Tucson at the Wavelab Studios. The song Mind Body Soul is from this new EP release that includes 4 songs released on their label Dusty South Entertainment.

Here’s how Veragroove describes Mind.Body.Soul.:
“The final track off of “Travelin Man EP,” “Mind.Body.Soul” (available for download) embraces the spiritual relationship between love and music. The very common endeavor and experience of Love is often full of conflict and misunderstanding, and when we personally face these issues, we for the most part find our own “medicinal” solutions. The solution that the song presents is summed up in the singular chorus line “Let the music heal your mind, body and soul, body and soul…” When life and love present obstacles to surpass and struggles to ascend, music for us has always been there: for comfort, reflection and healing.”
-The Veragroove

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You can catch Veragroove live on June 25th at the Clubhouse in Tempe, AZ with Katastro and HB Surround Sound!

The Veragroove Links:
The Veragroove Website
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