August 2015 Album Releases

August 2015 Album Releases

If there’s anytime to search out new music this month is it! 2015 has been an astounding year for new releases, but artists have really put out the new tunes through out August. It’s like Christmas in August! With so many records delivered this month, be sure not to miss out on these 16 new releases…

This month there’s truly a great mix of sounds from all across the Roots spectrum. Acoustic artists are well represented with records from Donavon Frankenreiter, Frank Turner and Trevor Hall. The beautiful voices of Nattali Rize and Wakane continue to strengthen the presence of reggae front-women this month.

Punk music also comes in strong with bonus material from NOFX, The Flatliners, and a new release from Royal Headache. Debut releases from LAW, The Frightnrs, Maad T-Ray are fresh additions to the ole iPod. And finally highly anticipated new records from Aer and Iration round out 2015’s summer of music.

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    Donavon Frankenreiter – The Heart
    Release Date: August 4th

    Marking the start of the singer-songwriter’s second decade as a solo recording artist, Donavon Frankenreiter’s has released his new album, The Heart. Growing over time, not only as a musician, but also as a man. Donovan has raised a family while also nurturing two creative careers, one on stage, and one in the waves. He comments in a post on the record “I’m still lucky I’m able to make records and that we have a fan base and are able to tour. I started my own record label; it’s a way for me to make my own music the way I want to, on my own time, and to put it out my way. So many things have changed and I feel a little wiser than ten years ago. I learned a lot over the last decade, it went by really quick. It’s fun to have a new album done and to hit the road with a bunch of new songs, it rejuvenates you to do your thing.”

    On top of all that, he’s still learning what makes him tick. And so, naturally, he named his album after his ticker. “All these songs are as close to me singing from the heart as I can,” says Frankenreiter. “It’s a complete record; the songs are intertwined. I had to call it ‘The Heart,’ that was the theme of the record.” Recorded in Wimberley, TX, at Blue Rock Studios the album contains 11 tracks via Liquid Tambourine Records. Heart is out and available everywhere digital music is sold.

    You can pick up The Heart on Amazon now, by clicking The Heart


    The Flatliners – Division Of Spoils
    Release Date: August 7th

    As posted by The Flatliners, “Every time we get together to write another album, we kind of fly off the handle. For our last 3 we’ve ended up with so many extra songs that we now have another album’s worth.” This new album by The Flatliners, titled Division of Spoils, is a massive collection of b-sides, rarities and previously unreleased songs. Out August 7th via Fat Wreck Chords this latest Flatliners’ release contains 23 total tracks picked from the cutting room floor of the group’s previous projects.

    Less of a snapshot and more a time-lapse of their career to date. As the band explains “Figuring out what songs should make a record and what songs shouldn’t has always been the most difficult part of the process, but to have this collection of songs today is something we’re extremely proud of. We hope you dig the potentially weirder vibes of Division of Spoils”

    You can pick up Division Of Spoils on Amazon now, by clicking Here.


    Nattali Rize & Notis – New Era Frequency
    Release Date: August 7th

    For me it’s not just about playing music that sounds nice. It’s not just for fun explains global front woman Nattali Rize. It’s about being part of a movement, she continues shifting perception and helping to amplify pathways to higher consciousness. Music is a powerful force toward this realization when used in such a way.

    Following her success with Australia’s urban root outfit Blue King Brown, with Nattali’s latest project, Nattali Rize & Notis, the songstress continues to pursuit activism through art, this time backed by the Jamaican outfit Notis. Out now via Blue Kings Brown’s own label, Roots Level Records is New Era Frequency, the group’s debut EP.

    Written and recorded in Kingston at Tuff Gong Studios as well as in Melbourne, throughout the 9 track EP, themes of consciousness and empowerment go hand-in-hand. The songs here are brimming with defiance and heart, from driving battle cries like “Heart of a Lion” to “Generations Will Rize,” a song Yahoo! Music says will “inspire and empower” youth. Tracks like “New Reality,” “Midnight Remedy”, have inspired High Times to “light up and listen” while Rolling Stone Australia dubbed Nattali “one of the nation’s most refreshing voices”

    Preview the new EP from Nattali Rize & Notis on Soundcloud.

    You can pick up New Era Frequency on Amazon now, by clicking Here.


    Wakane Luke- Rising
    Release Date: August 7th

    Following her 2014 debut record Longing for the Day, just under a year later, Wakane is back with her second album. Out via Iseed Clothing & Music, titled Rising this release features 12 tracks including tracks with Maad T-ray and Shams of Tribal Seeds

    Preview Rising on Soundcloud by clicking Here.

    You can pick up Rising on Amazon now, by clicking Here.


    Frank Turner – Positive Songs for Negative People
    Release Date: August 7th

    On August 7th Frank Turner released Positive Songs For Negative People via XtraMile/Interscope. The singer-songwriter’s sixth album and follow-up to 2013’s Tape Deck Heart. This new record was made with Turner’s trusted backing band The Sleeping Souls and produced by Butch Walker in Nashville.

    Turner Explains “I feel like this record is my definitive statement, a summation of the first five records”. Positive Songs For Negative People was released in two forms. A standard full-length with 12 total tracks, as well as a deluxe version with 23 tracks. This addition features acoustic versions of tracks off the album.

    You can pick up Positive Songs For Negative People on Amazon now, by clicking Here.


    Rian Basilio & The Roosters – Birds of Paradise
    Release Date: August 7th

    Rian Basilio and The Roosters is a 9-piece roots reggae group that blends funk, jazz, dub and soul, while calling Waikoloa Village, Hawai’i home. On August 7th, they released their latest album Birds of Paradise, a record that was 3.5 years in the making. Dawning 15 brand-new-tracks the new record comes in at 1 hour and 13-minutes. In the time it took for this album to come together, close to 25 different musicians played parts split up among 4 different producers in addition to many family and friends of the band. “It is much more to us than just the next album to us,” says Rian Basilio.

    Some of the stand-out guest appearances on this new release include Karim Israel of Arise Roots on “Wicked Man”, Isaac Tuli on “More Than Friends”, Troy Fernandez of Ka’au Crater Boys plays ukulele on “The Aloha Way” and “Aurora Fades”, Tex Nakamura plays harmonica on “Sweet City Woman” and Marlon “Ganja Farmer” Asher on “Sweet Mary”.

    You can pick up Birds of Paradise on Amazon now, by clicking HERE!


    Aer – One Of A Kind
    Release Date: August 14th

    Led by Massachusetts natives David von Mering and Carter Schultz, the increasingly popular Aer has returned with their fourth full-length album since their stellar 2011 debut and 2014’s The Bright Side. Aer’s music is described as a blend of Hip-Hop, Reggae, Rock, and Pop, but have openly admitted to switching things up a bit with this album. Adjusting their sound is a risky move for any band to make, especially so early in their careers, but Aer is confident that their risk will lead to an even greater reward. Containing 11 new tracks, production on the record was done by Printz Board and Teddy Geiger

    Read our review of the album by clicking Here.

    Be sure to check out the music video for the title track One Of A Kind here.

    Preview Aer’s new record on their Soundcloud page.

    You can pick up One of a Kind on Amazon now, by clicking Here.


    Maad T-Ray- Reach Out
    Release Date: August 14th

    Artist producer, Maad T-Ray, known for his wok in Tribal Seeds, has release his debut solo effort. Out via his own Maad World label, Reach Out features 9 tracks. Included on the new record are collaborations with Hirie, Eric Rachmany of Rebelution, New Kingston, Wakane and Katherine Ramirez. The record is available on most digital outlets.

    You can pick up Reach Out on Amazon now, by clicking Here.


    Various Artists – Music Unites – Reggae Around The World, Volume 5
    Release Date: August 21st
    music unites

    On August 18th, 2015, Music Unites released Reggae Around The World Vol. 5 via Fortunate Entertainment. This is the fifth compilation boasting 30 songs for $4.99 with all proceeds going to Music Unites, a non-profit organization helping children that have lost their music programs due to under funding.

    Put together by bassist Jordan Rosenthal of Fortunate Youth, Easy Star Records, Fortunate Entertainment, and Three Cornerstone Management, the end result is a whole mixture of talent from 30 different artists from all over the world contributing to the education of music. Jordan explains, “The idea for this comp was sparked from what so many have done in the past; put out a music compilation and try to get it out to the world. The reason that many of my friends and I were able to find out about so many new bands when we were younger was because of all of the great compilations that were released in the 90’s and early 2000. So we would all like to give thanks to Epitaph, Fat, Drive Thru, Hell Cat, Asian Man, Moon Ska, and all of the other records labels that have helped us all find so much amazing music!”

    Jordan adds, “Music is such a powerful tool of expression and we never want anyone to not be able to fully express themselves in a world that has almost seemed to lose its voice.”

    The compilation will be available to fans for $4.99 since that is the lowest that iTunes would go in price. All profits from digital sales will be donated to

    You can read more about the compilation by clicking Here.

    You can pick up Reggae Around The World Vol. 5 on Amazon now, by clicking Here..


    The Hot Rain Band – It Crazy But It Life EP
    Release Date: August 21st
    hot rain

    The Hot Rain Band, known for backing and performing with J Boog, has released their new EP It Crazy But It Life. The Oahu, Hawaii based 4 piece independently produced and recorded the EP under The Hot Rain Band’s own recording label We Dem People. The EP consists of 7 songs including a dub version.

    You can read more about the EP by clicking Here.

    You can pick up It Crazy But It Life on Amazon now, by clicking Here..


    Royal Headache – High
    Release Date: August 21st

    Rising out of the punk scene of Western Sydney, Australia, High is the second LP by Royal Headache available as of August 21st physically and digitally via Whats Your Rupture. Containing 10-tracks you’re not likely to find too many albums in 2015 that rock as hard or bleed as much as High.

    You can pick up High on Amazon now, by clicking Here.


    NOFX – Backstage Passport 2
    Release Date: August 21st
    nofx bsp2 sq

    Celebrating 25 years of Fat Wreck Chords, NOFX continues to release material. Backstage Passport 2 is your ticket to accompany NOFX on more berserk international adventures, done as only they can. In addition to the feature-length documentary, this two disc set contains two “lost episodes” (Australia and Eastern Europe) from the original Backstage Passport series and loads of unreleased bonus footage. This release is actually a zip file containing full resolution video files.

    You can pick up Backstage Passport 2 on Amazon now, by clicking Here.


    Trevor Hall – KALA
    Release Date: August 21st

    On August 21st Trevor Hall will release the third installment of his spiritually themed series. This most recent album, titled Kala after the Sanskrit word for time, will conclude the artist’s three-part project that includes 2014’s Chapters of the Forest and the EP Unpack Your Memories that was released early this year. Kala is a discussion of the concept of time. Hall’s philosophical take aims to dig deeper into the nature of this important subject. Hall explains, “This album mirrors my journey with time… my journey to surrender more deeply to it. ‘KALA’ is about time the healer, time the teacher, time the friend, and all the lessons within.” This new release features 13 tracks including songs with Luka Lesson, Nahko and Xavier Rudd.

    You can pick up KALA on Amazon now, by clicking Here.


    Iration – Hotting Up
    Release Date: August 28th

    Following the release of their first new single, “Reelin,” early this summer, to close out the season Iration will release their highly anticipated new record title Hottin Up. The follow-up to 2013’s Automatic this record is the group’s fourth studio release and the first LP with guitarist Micah Brown. As Brown explains “Hotting Up is the next step in the progression of our sound. It’s the most complete album we’ve ever made. The songs, performances, production and end result have never been better. It’s a beat-driven uptempo record, but still contains the signature drum & bass, rocking guitars and catchy melodies/harmonies that distinguish our sound. Pop it in, turn it up and enjoy!

    Recorded at EastWest Studios in Los Angeles, the space has a rich history of being where many big rock albums were recorded, so the band figured it was the perfect place to capture this more emphatic sound. Produced by acclaimed hip-hop producer King David The Future and engineered by Will Brierre these new nine tracks were mixed by Mark Needham, who’s most notably mixed and produced songs for artists such as The Killers, Fleetwood Mac, and Imagine Dragons. Other collaborators assisting in the recording process include the band’s touring member Micah Brown, who played guitar on all of the tracks and sang back-up vocals and Capital Cities trumpeter Spencer Ludwig, is featured on one song.

    Preview Hottin Up now on the band’s website by clicking Here.

    You can pick up on Amazon now, by clicking Here.


    The Frightnrs – Inna Lovers Quarrel
    Release Date: August 28th

    Get ready for an 80’s dancehall/roots revival with this killer release from Queens, NY’s new Rock Steady dons, The Frightnrs. This four-piece ensemble have taken the cooled out vintage vibes of Jamaican Rock Steady, combined it with the raw energy and vocal stylings of 80’s Rub A Dub and added a touch of punk rock spirit to create an entirely unique sound that redefines what a reggae band can sound like. The Frightnrs recently broke through with a soaring cover of Etta James“I’d Rather Go Blind” on NY’s renowned Daptone Records, and have now given us this great six track EP for Diplo’s Mad Decent. The Daptone connection should give you an idea of the genuine sound we’re dealing with here. This is the real deal vintage vibes, polished into a beautiful roughness by longtime NY producer Victor “Ticklah” Axelrod. As Diplo says, “close your eyes and get transported to Kingston Jamaica 1981.”

    You can preview the EP now on the band’s Souncloud page by clicking Here.

    You can pick up Inna Lovers Quarrel on Amazon now, by clicking Here.


    LAW – Mild Lawtism EP
    Release Date: August 28th
    Mild-Lawtism Earlier this year The Pier spoke with LAW’s drummer Nick Aguilar, who gave us a long awaited introduction to the up and coming Long Beach rockers “At the end of the day, I would just say that we’re a rock band,” says Aguilar. “We can be heavy, we can be soft, and we can be in-between. Whenever people ask what we are, I just say that we’re a fucking rock band because I really can’t put a genre name on it. I guess you could say punk rock, I guess some elements of ska and reggae, some hip-hop here and there with an alternative rock kind of edge to our songs. It’s all very confusing.”

    Bands composed of recent high school grads, do not usually make it onto our radar but LAW is a unique case, particularly because it’s led by Jakob Nowell, the son of Sublime frontman Brad Nowell. Starting as a three-piece and now a quartet, LAW’s members include Jakob Nowell (Vocals/Guitar), Dakota Ethridge (Vocals/Bass), Aidan Palacios (Lead Guitar), and Nick Aguilar (Drums).

    Finally comming to fruition after many years of writing and some tough days in the studio, titled Mild Lawtism LAW’s eight-song debut EP is set for release on Skunk Records/Long Beach Records on Friday August 28th.

    Read more about LAW and their debut EP by clicking Here.

    You can pick up Mild Lawtism now, by clicking Here.

    Article By: Aaron Solomon