Aussie Duo ‘Gold Member’ Release New Single

Aussie Duo ‘Gold Member’ Release New Single

Emergent electro psych-skank duo Gold Member have released a brand new single titled “If We Fall.” The Sydney-based pair, formed by Azza (vocals/guitar) and Gus Goldie (keys), also has plans to drop a “mini” album in August 2017. In addition to “If We Fall,” Gold Member has put out “Rope Swing” and “Waiting for You,” two slammin’ singles expected to be on the August release.
Signed to the tight-knit Australian label Sureshaker, Gold Member joins a small, but exciting roster of Australian acts, which includes Sticky Fingers, Bootleg Rascal, Boo Seeka, and Lyall Moloney. Just off a supporting tour with Kim Churchill and a festival appearance at The Big Pineapple, Gold Member is now on tour with label-mates Boo Seeka, hitting regional spots in Australia.

Though their sample size is small, Gold Member’s music is oozing with creativity. Azza provides slick vocals and skanky guitar riffs, while Gus Goldie lays down some fresh beats on the keys and MPC pad. Their debut release promises to be a mix of futuristic skank and indie psych, as well as whatever other tricks Azza and Gus have up there sleeves.

Australia has steadily become a hotbed for young, innovative groups that are heavily influenced by or incorporate reggae. And Sureshaker is right at the epicenter of that trend. For all the latest updates on Sureshaker artists, and more information regarding Gold Member’s forthcoming debut album, be sure to check back with The Pier.

Listen: GOLD MEMBER – “If We Fall”

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Article By: Brian Winters

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