Authority Zero’s New Album & DVD

Authority Zero’s New Album & DVD

Rebelution is not the only big-name artist releasing multiple albums after the New Yea, Arizona’s own Authority Zero is set to release a double album titled “Less Rhythm, More Booze”. The double album will feature 18 live songs and over an hour of live footage of the group’s onstage performance.

Authority Zero previously released a live acoustic album in 2006, under a similar name, Rhythm and Booze. The forthcoming album will be released on January 31st, 2012 in partnership with Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge’s Viking Funeral and the Kottonmouth Kings Brad Xavier’s Suburban Noize Records.

Jason DeVore, Authority Zero’s lead singer, had a few remarks about their upcoming live album, and you can feel the anticipation:

“It’s been a long time coming for this release. We had so much fun doing the first one we figured why not do a second one and film it this time around,” said Authority Zero’s Jason DeVore. “A lot of work and a lot of play went into putting this together. We’re just fired up to finally get it out there and let people experience what we all did that night. This record was all about having fun and doing something for the fans.”

There is nothing quite like giving back to devoted fans. With gratitude, the live album will contain more acoustic music from the punk rock-reggae melting pot that Authority Zero has to offer. Many of the tracks will be rearranged and reworked classics that fans have come to adore with Arizona’s prodigal sons.

When the album hits stores on January 31st, more live performances will lead the way to upcoming material for the sun-drenched band. However, Authority Zero’s catalog is extensive, spanning over ten years, and the track listing for “Less Rhythm More Booze” backs up that fact, taking a musical journey through the band’s growth.

1.) Prelude
2.) Liberateducation
3.) Carpe Diem
4.) Movement
5.) Break The Mold
6.) No Regrets
7.) Crashland
8.) Talk Is Cheap
9.) The Remedy
10.) Big Bad World
11.) 12:34
12.) Wake Up Call
13.) Break Free
14.) Drunken Sailor
15.) Get It Right
16.) Courage
17.) Rattlin’ Bog
18.) One More Season (remix)

Article By: Kris Siuta
Photo By: David Norris