Bad Religion: 30 Years Live LP Vinyl

Bad Religion: 30 Years Live LP Vinyl

Continuing up on the punk scene for you fans of something of little harder, The Pier found some more big news in the punk world (see our previous Pennywise ‘Nineteen Eighty Eight‘ post here). Bad Religion has an upcoming limited press vinyl release of their historic live shows from their 2010 30th Anniversary Tour. Keep reading below for full details on the upcoming album, release date, included tracks, and more.

Bad Religion LiveBad Religion will be releasing a limited press vinyl on February 26th, 2016 of their previously digital download release of the 30 Year Anniversary Tour. This will be the 2nd live album released by Bad Religion that documents the 2010 tour that visited various House of Blues and featured a historic setlist that chronicles the band’s 30 year discography. The album was previously released to a limited number of loyal fans exclusively through the band’s newsletter back in 2010. The 17-track album will now be pressed on a limited edition vinyl for the first time; the album will be available for the first time outside the previous limited digital download.

In addition to being the first available option for their 30 Anniversary Tour besides the limited digital download, fans will have the option to pre-order the new box set in red or classic black vinyl. The album spans Bad Religion’s 30 year career starting off strong with “Fuck Armageddon, This Is Hell” from their only other live album, Tested. Side A tracks include “Suffer” from the 1988 album of the same name, “Man with a Mission” from the 1993 album Recipe For Hate, and “New Dark Ages” from the 2007 album New Maps of Hell. Tracks on Side B include “American Jesus” also from Recipe For Hate and “Los Angeles is Burning” from the 2004 album The Empire Strikes First. “We’re Only Gonna Die” closes things out from the 1982 album, How Could Hell Be Any Worse?

Reggae-Rock fans may find “We’re Only Gonna Die” (see videos below) quite familiar…the track was later covered with the well-known unique spin that only Sublime can deliver on their 1992 40oz. to Freedom. The track is still a fan favorite and concert staple for Bad Religion. It has also been featured in a movie, the 1995 independent comedy Glory Daze starring Ben Affleck, and also the video game, Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland.

Pre-sales are available now at the Bad Religion Online Store by clicking HERE!

Bad Religion – 30 Years Live Track List:
Bad Religion 30 Years LiveSIDE A
1. “F**k Armageddon, This is Hell”
2. “Dearly Beloved”
3. “Suffer”
4. “Man With A Mission”
5. “New Dark Ages”
6. “Germs of Perfection”
7. “Marked”
8. “A Walk”

9. “Flat Earth Society”
10. “Resist Stance”
11. “American Jesus”
12. “Social Suicide”
13. “Atheist Peace”
14. “Tomorrow”
15. “Won’t Somebody”
16. “Los Angeles Is Burning”
17. “We’re Only Gonna Die”

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Article and Photo By: Eric Schoep

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