BALLYHOO! “Shellshock” (Album Review)

BALLYHOO! “Shellshock” (Album Review)


Right off the bat, BALLYHOO! the OG’s of the East Coast Reggae scene have released their best work yet! This is quite an exceptional album, the entire run is brilliant.

We all know their extremely stellar career thus far has been on the account of their musical talents and unstoppable drive. It’s no shocker their music intuitive direction has pushed them into this success.

Such a beautiful merging of genres, but they don’t try to please the masses, they just follow their own rules and make no apologies as to sticking to their guns.

The gents have been delivering their passion since 1995, and every album is unreal. But this album is one of the best albums I have ever heard. The first track “Clip My Wings”, Howie and the boys are standing their ground about remaining true to one’s path, no matter how hard it gets nothing can overtake the human spirt, and the healing power of music. I think by now you see how I feel but wait! “Just Business”, 4 th track is a banger straight from the SKA era thrusted into this apocalyptic mind melter, puck rock metal fusion twist. Damn I’m ready to see this live! “Make Them Believe” is darker heavier and haunting vibe, this is the best! “ShellShock” (ft.Iya Terra) is a rhythmic experience merging these artists is off the charts! More artists jumping into this one is Tropidelic, and Hirie. All the music sends the haunting vibes of Howie’s vocal strengths, and this album is for everyone from all genres.

The entire album is perfectly produced, and you will have chills. This is one of the top 10 albums this year. This illustrative vibe is smashing all way, and to those lyrical fanatics you will find BALLYHOO! has risen to this occasion, this is the album!

Review by: Susanne Sanchez