Ballyhoo!’s “Marijuana Laws” Single

Ballyhoo!’s “Marijuana Laws” Single

Ballyhoo! has come out with a brand new single just for the fans! Lead vocalist and guitarist Howi Spangler wrote the single, “Marijuana Laws”, with some anti-drug war passion backing it.

Howi explains that he finds the law system in place regarding marijuana to be unjust, especially considering how advanced our society is. “The other guys in my band are the big enthusiasts, I smoke on occasion, but over the last few years I’ve had friends get busted for it and I can’t help but be disgusted.”

Howi applauds some of the states that have taken legislative action towards legalizing marijuana usage with the hope that others will follow in their footsteps. He sees it as a valuable resource that has gotten a bad rap for the past 100 years.

“I believe that marijuana is a resource that does great things for sick people, physically and mentally, and if someone wants to use it for recreation, I’ll take that over pharmaceuticals any day.”

The lyrics focus on the animosity between marijuana users and the judicial system, comparing the innocence of smoking weed with the harshness of the court’s punishments. This contrast is shown by singing about the DEA taking away parents from their children, or a girl dealing with mental health issues being punished for trying to cure herself.
“The DEA is knocking down the doors/Throwing hardworking honest men and women to the floors…”

This latest single is off of their upcoming album, set for release in June. The song fits in perfectly with Ballyhoo!’s established pop-reggae sound with a steady relaxed tempo throughout. The band’s punk style from songs on their previous albums doesn’t have a strong presence on “Marijuana Laws”, but considering the content of the song, a lazy fun feel is quite fitting.

Lyrics as well as a FREE download for the song can be found at HERE.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Mar 22 @ The Depot, York, PA
Mar 23 @ Jammin Java, Vienna, VA
Mar 30 @ Dark Horse Saloon, Bel Air, MD
Apr 06 @ Looney’s Pub, College Park, MD
Apr 11 @ Revolution Bar & Music Hall, Amityville, NY
Apr 12 @ The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ
Apr 13 @ Deer Park Tavern, Newark, DE
Apr 14 @ Rumble In the Jungle, Savage, MD
May 25 @ California Roots Music & Arts @ Monterey County Fairgrounds, Monterey, CA

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Article By: Erin Walsh

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