Ballyhoo!’s The Cool Down EP Vol. 1

Ballyhoo!’s The Cool Down EP Vol. 1

Indeed, Ballyhoo! has announced that they will be releasing a new EP titled The Cool Down Vol 1. It’ll drop Oct 21st, 2014 via their own Right Coast Records. In addition, the group will share the road with Tribal Seeds and Gonzo w/Beyond I Sight. Check the details below…

The new EP includes three new tracks, as well as a remix of three older songs, including an acoustic version of “Walk Away.” The EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mike Stebe in Orlando, FL.
Ballyhoo! guitarist/vocalist Howi Spangler shares that: “With ‘The Cool Down,’ we wanted to bring back that laid back vibe we had in our pre-‘Daydreams’ releases. It turned out to be even more chill than we went for and we love it. I had written some songs that were different than our current sound and then we also thought it would be cool to take a few old favorites and bring them to that level. ‘Evil Penguin (Frontline)’ really sounds epic in this new way. The message from this EP as a whole, even down to the artwork, is to take the listener to a happy place after that long work day or whatever stressful situation they’re in. Just to ‘cool down’ and have a beer by our sonic beach.”

The artwork Howi speaks of was designed by The Pier’s own Kc Cowan and looks to inhabit & enable a laid back setting among a bonfire at sunset on the beach. Kc tells The Pier that Howi approached her for the cover describing to her that he wanted: “Sunset on a beach, looking out to the ocean. Palm trees. Maybe a bonfire with an acoustic guitar laying in the sand. A six pack in the sand. The sky is blue, purple & orangey in color.” – I’d say Kc nailed the cover-art in true Ballyhoo! fashion & sets a nice visual impression to the EP!

The EP, as mentioned above, includes 6 total tracks:
1.) Beach Party
2.) ADHD
3.) Evin Penguin (Frontline)
4.) Cali Girl (Lullaby)
5.) Overnight Sensation
6.) Walk Away (Acoustic)

While the new EP drops Oct 21st, Ballyhoo! will hit the road starting Oct 17th with Tribal Seeds & Gonzo w/Beyond I Sight on the Fall Representing Tour. The tour will be 25+ dates from Colorado to Florida, Ohio, NY, MD, VA, TX & back west to California, ending on Nov. 22nd.

Check the tour dates below & pre-order The Cool Down Vol. 1 EP on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Ballyhoo! Tour Dates

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Article By: Mike Patti

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