Big B’s ‘Drunk In The Garage’ Release & Video Premiere

Big B’s ‘Drunk In The Garage’ Release & Video Premiere

On July 8th, Las Vegas Hip-Hop artist, Big B, will release his new album Drunk In The Garage: Live & Acoustic-ish featuring Dirty Heads, Everlast, Mickey Avalon, and Scott Russo of Unwritten Law. We have the video premiere for track 5, “I Fucked Up Again,” as we reveal a bit more about this unique release.
The new 14-track-album will drop with Suburban Noize Records and is actually a re-envision of classic Big B tracks, re-performed while stripped down to an acoustic format. Of the 14 songs on the new record, fan favorites include “Hooligan,” “Sinner” (feat. Scott Russo), “Hangovers With You” (feat. Dirty Heads), and “Before I Leave This Place” (feat. Everlast).

Big B, known as hip-hop’s bastard and punk rock’s fat brother, has been actively making music for more than a decade while first coming onto the scene working with OPM and Kottonmouth Kings. He released his first album, High Class White Trash, in 2003 and has since made his mark across all genres, including rock, hip-hop, and alternative reggae, before presenting us with his new journey, Drunk In The Garage: Live & Acoustic-ish.

The song “Hangovers With You” comes from the 2013 release of Fools Gold, and came accompanied by a music video that you can view below.

The first official music video for Drunk In The Garage: Live & Acoustic-ish is for track 5, “I Fucked Up Again.” It’s basically a lyrical video with a collage of viral bloopers edited together playing to the song with the lyrics written over the screen. It’s quite hilarious when absorbing the song from the visual perspective of various bloopers.

Watch the video below and be sure to pick up the new album July 8th, 2016 or by clicking HERE!

Big B – Drunk In The Garage: Live & Acoustic-ish Tracklist:
BigB_DrunkInTheGarage_Cover_3001.) Let it Rain
2.) Put em Up featuring Mickey Avalon
3.) Bad Girl
4.) Wide Open
5.) I Fucked Up Again
6.) Lightning
7.) Sailing
8.) Hangovers With You featuring The Dirty Heads
9.) Out Here in Cali
10.) Sinner featuring Scott Russo from Unwritten Law
11.) White Trash
12.) Before I Leave This Place featuring Everlast
13.) Hooligan
14.) West Coast Summer

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Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Big B – “Hangovers With You” (feat. Dirty Heads)