Bikini Trill Trolls Future of Reggae Inspired Music with New EP

Bikini Trill Trolls Future of Reggae Inspired Music with New EP

Last March, we premiered Los Angeles, CA’s Bikini Trill when we covered their first ever single, “Sticky Treez.” They’re a 3-piece band that engineers a cosmic, electro, surf-pop brand of reggae influenced music. It’s refreshingly original as we dive into their new EP that features a cover of Sublime.


Wassup, We Good? is their debut EP that showcases 8 total tracks that include 3 instrumentals with 4 full original songs and a cover of “Scarlet Begonias.” The EP dropped on June 19th and the title somewhat commemorates their interaction with Border Patrol. When stopped at the border check point, their bassist barely pulls down the window, half way, asking: ‘Wassup, We Good?’ before being pulled aside and their van searched.

The band, who only just formed in 2016, features bassist Kourosh “Roach” Poursalehi, guitarist Tony Stern and lead by female vocalist Lauren “LJ” Johnson. LJ has a soothing and smooth delivery around a tailored production that highlights her vocal range and depth. All of Bikini Trill’s artwork, covers, stickers & buttons are dreamed up and illustrated by LJ after she writes the lyrics.

Such is the case with the EP cover-art as the band tells The Pier that it depicts the bands tour van, Lucy. The space cat is the band cat, Pishi. The yellow Vans shoe is Lauren’s actual pair of shoes. The weed floating around is inspired by a LA cannabis breeder named Capulator.

Reggae music is as influential now as it ever has been, finding its way into other genres like a plus 1 guest to a party that ends up being the bell of the ball. You can find its influence in punk, hip hop, R&B, rock, pop and more. Bikini Trill is taking the inspiration of the genre into new dimensions and doing it well by seamlessly blending electronic, hip-hop drums, skank island guitars, and powerful melodic vocals.

The name of the band, Bikini Trill is a nod to the various musicians and genres from which they draw inspiration, combining the Riot Grrrl punk mentality of Bikini Kill with hip-hop and trap influences. Combine that with a Sublime brand of inspired reggae, and you have a path to describing the band to others who haven’t heard them yet.

Give them a listen by streaming their new EP or you can own it by clicking HERE!

Bikini Trill – Wassup, We Good? EP Tracklist:
BikiniTrill_WassupWeGood1.) Napster & Acid (Intro)
2.) Chapo Howl
3.) Smoke a Jay and Watch Yourself Dance
4.) Need Me
5.) Kut-U-up (Interlude)
6.) Scarlet Begonias (Sublime Cover)
7.) 2:25am
8.) Wassup, We Good? (Outro)

Listen: Bikini Trill – “Smoke a Jay & Watch Yourself Dance”

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Article By: Mike Patti

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