Bikini Trill Releases “The Dub Tapes Vol. 1”

Bikini Trill Releases “The Dub Tapes Vol. 1”

Los Angeles, CA’s Bikini Trill has followed up the release of their debut EP Wassup, We Good? with the drop of “The Dub Tapes Vol. 1 which will include dub versions from their latest EP.

Bikini Trill is a 3-piece band that engineers a cosmic, electro, surf-pop brand of reggae influenced music. They dropped their debut EP Wassup, We Good? on June 19th which showcases 8 total tracks that include 3 instrumentals with 4 full original songs and a cover of “Scarlet Begonias.”

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The band, who only just formed in 2016, features bassist Kourosh “Roach” Poursalehi, guitarist Tony Stern and lead by female vocalist Lauren “LJ” Johnson. LJ has a soothing and smooth delivery around a tailored production that highlights her vocal range and depth. All of Bikini Trill’s artwork, covers, stickers & buttons are dreamed up and illustrated by LJ after she writes the lyrics. Such is the case with the latest artwork to accompany The Dub Tapes Vol. 1 cover-art.

“The Dub Tapes Vol. 1 comes from our love for the great dub masters like King Tubby, Lee Perry, and Augustus Pablo,” the band tells The Pier. “Also growing up listening to Sublime, we loved the dub songs they put out like ‘Thanx Dub’ and ‘Legal Dub’.”

We expect some great things from this band as we anticipate a full-length record. They’ve made great strides in less than 2 years and its a tribute to their brand of reggae music that stands out in cosmic contrast to other bands in the genre. The band tells The Pier that they expect to drop an EP in early 2019.

The band released a music video for the song “Need Me” that you can find below, and after sharing the road with The Expendables and Nattali Rize, the band will be joining New Politics for the month of November for 14 total dates across 13 different states.

The Dub Tapes Vol. 1 will be made available on all digital platforms as soon as November 2nd, 2018. Their tour with New Politics kicks off Nov 5th where they will make their first trip to the East Coast. Go stream the band and discover a new sound developing in the Reggae-Rock community.

Bikini Trill – The Dub Tapes Vol. 1 Tracklist:
Bikini-Trill-Dub-Remix-Digital-Distro-Art 1.) Sticky Treez (Dub Version)
2.) Chapo Howi (Dub Version)
3.) Need Me (Dub Version
4.) Smoke a Jay and Watch Yourself Dance (Dub Version)

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Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Bikini Trill – “Need Me”