Brewfish Spring 2014 Tour Dates

Brewfish Spring 2014 Tour Dates

So there’s this 3-piece band out of Long Beach, California, that is getting ready to head out on tour this spring…Their name? Brewfish.

No they are not like Sublime, nor are they trying to be like Sublime. Brewfish has their own unique sound with a house party-like atmosphere at their live shows, very much like that of the original reggae legends of Long Beach. Must be an LBC thing…

This spring, the band gets back into touring mode after being in the studio and only playing local shows since finishing up their fall tour in 2013. Brewfish’s 2014 Spring Tour starts on March 5th and will travel through 7 different states before ending back in California at The Slidebar Rock N Roll Cafe in Downtown Fullerton, CA on brewfishMay 9th. “Just like every tour we’ve done in the past, we’re always looking forward to meeting new people, making new friends, and spreading our music to new ears. On this tour, we’re headed to a couple of states we haven’t been to yet, such as New Mexico and Colorado. It’s really exciting going to places we’ve never visited and we are grateful for the opportunity,” explains the band’s manager, Van Moloney.

Although the band won’t be bringing any supporting acts on the tour, they will be playing alongside bands like Coral Thief, Cody Jordan Band, and other local talent at each stop along of the way. With a new album in the works, the band has lots of new material they are excited to introduce to the crowds on this tour.

Brewfish is currently recording their new album at Screaming Leopard Studios. The studio, owned by the members of punk legends, Pennywise, is located in Hermosa Beach, California. According to the band, “They (Pennywise) are just finishing up their new album here, so it’s a real treat to be at this spot. We chose this studio because it has a great, professional sound and it’s a perfect match for our style. It’s awesome working so close with sound engineer, Ian Peterson, and lead guitarist, Fletcher Dragge, who is helping produce our album.”

Make sure to check back with The Pier as we’ll keep you updated on the summer release of Brewfish’s new album, along with any other tours that they set up after the 2014 Spring Tour! If you haven’t had a chance to see Brewfish live, make sure to check the dates below to see if they are coming to a town near you!

Brewfish 2014 Spring Tour Dates:
March 5th @ Patrick Molloy’s. Hermosa Beach, CA.
March 6th @ Hero’s. Modesto, CA.
March 7th @ Old Ironsides. Sacramento, CA.
March 8th @ Whiskey Dicks. South Lake Tahoe, CA.
March 10th @ Shea’s Tavern. Reno, NV.
March 12th @ The Reef. Boise, ID.
March 13th @ Kamikazes. Ogden, UT.
March 14th @ The Divebar. Las Vegas, NV.
April 23rd @ Cheyenne Saoon. Las Vegas, NV.
April 24th @ Woodshed. Salt Lake City, UT.
April 25th @ Quixote’s. Denver, CO.
April 26th @ Victorian Bar. Salida, CO.
April 29th @ El Paseo. Santa Fe, NM.
April 30th @ Low Spirits. Albuquerque, NM.
May 1st @ Last Exit Live. Phoenix, AZ.
May 2nd @ The Hut. Tucson, AZ.
May 3rd @ Summer Fest Extravaganza. Yuma, AZ.
May 9th @ The Slidebar Rock N Roll Cafe. Fullerton, CA.

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Article By: David Garcia

Listen: Brewfish – “Any Way You Like”

Listen: Brewfish – “So Easy”