Bringing Tupac to the Big Screen

Bringing Tupac to the Big Screen

A Tupac Shakur biopic is in final negotiations and is scheduled to start shooting early next year. It’s been 17 years since 2pac was gunned down near the strip in Las Vegas, NV after leaving the MGM Grand. The legendary rapper, poet and actor’s career was tragically cut short, but his influence on music lives on.

The film will center on the charismatic & multi-talented artist who first rocketed to fame with 2Pacalypse, but even before that, Tupac was impressing his high school in an after school poetry class. His poetry and some of his musical lyrics, are an anthem to the tired and oppressed. When people listened to his albums, there was substance, politically charged lyrics inspired by his parent’s activism and involvement in the Black Panthers during the 60’s and 70’s.

Morgan Creek Productions and Emmett Furla Films are in the final stages of negotiations to partner on the making of the film. Some of EFF’s previous work includes, 2 Guns staring Denzel Washington and Mark Walberg. Morgan Creek Productions has produced several critically acclaimed films including the Ace Ventura & Young Guns franchises as well as the cult sensation True Romance.

The biopic will be produced by James G. Robinson, David Robinson and LT Hulton along with Randallo Emmett and George Furla. The Film’s executive producer is Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, who was an influence and inspiration to his music. This power packed group is sure to come up with a compelling depiction of the late artist. Thus far, there is no update on who will direct the film or star as Tupac.

Many other rap artists, alive and dead, have had biopics made about them and I think it is about time that this genre defining artist is honored on the big screen. Surely with the talented group producing the film, it is capable of conveying the story of this Rose that Grew from Concrete…

Article by: Melissa Cambra