Burn It Up to Drop Debut Record, ‘Toys’

Burn It Up to Drop Debut Record, ‘Toys’

Back in July, we reported the name change of alternative ska-rock outfit, Mrs. Skannotto to Burn It Up, and while the only thing that has changed for the group is the name, Burn It Up is releasing the first album under the new title with the Oct. 14th release of Toys.

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Under the name Mrs. Skannotto, the Rochester, NY based group released 3 studio albums dating back to the groups 1998 inception. Toys will be the first release under the name Burn It Up as new and longtime fans will continue hearing the group fusing elements of alternative rock, reggae, punk and ska.

Burn It Up’s distinct sound reflects the eclectic musical backgrounds and styles of each band member and their shared influences such as The Police, Sublime, RX Bandits and Goldfinger. The group consists of Joe Harmon on Vocals, Mike Frederick on the lone Guitar, Justin Lloyd rocking Trumpet, Dan Carter slappin’ da Bass, Evan Dobbins bumpin’ the Trombone, and Alex Bochetto on the Drums.

Gearing up for the Oct. 14th release of Toys, Burn It Up has released the first single from the record with the track “Affluenza” and the accompanied video can be viewed below. The album was recorded at Hope Alive Media in Farmington NY, where they were reunited with audio engineer Matt Goodwin and sound mixer Matthew Saccuccimorano, who they worked with on last year’s Outlier LP.

When pressed for hints as to what fans can expect from the new record, bassist Dan Carter says: “I’d say the focus will be on tight compositions, and further developing new ground explored on the last album. The music itself is different. We keep evolving musically.”

The album includes 10 total tracks as the group is also giving away their first single, “Affluenza,” for FREE by clicking HERE!

Burn It Up – Toys TrackList:
BurnItUp1.) 101
2.) Fire Man
3.) Affluenza
4.) Heartbeat
5.) Name
6.) Don’t Drink The Wine
7.) Time Capsule Overdose
8.) Grow
9.) Salo
10.) Resistance Is Fatal

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Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Burn It Up – “Affluenza” (Lyric Video)