Cali-Roots Building Momentum

Cali-Roots Building Momentum

Being at Cali Roots Carolina Sessions this year was great, as a fan it was intoxicating and uplifting, but being involved was surreal. I was not able to make it to Cali Roots in Monterey this last May, but from what I heard it was something really special. Dan Sheehan, Jeff Monser and all the people that have come together to put their hard work into making this festival run smoothly, having accomplished so much in only four years.

In fact this May 2014 will mark the festivals 5th go around, with its first on the east coast completed Oct 26th in Wilmington, North Carolina. What really seemed to stick with me, as I went around talking to fans and people involved at the festival in NC, is that many had not previously been to Cali Roots out west.

So many people, including artists who got to play in Monterey, were so thankful that Cali Roots decided to make a stop in Carolina. With fans from Boston, Myrtle Beach, Philadelphia, Florida to North Carolina, fans flocked at the opportunity to be a part of this great event. Will and Nico (Rowdy Roots) both from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, told me that after today they won’t miss out on going to Cali in May. “The momentum from Wilmington has helped create binoculars heading into Cali. There is now becoming one big scene in reggae and Cali-Roots is showcasing that,” they said.

Between all the artists that performed in Wilmington, I think they would all agree that this east coast showing was more then a gateway drug, it was a fix to hold over the masses. And as Dirty J told me “For all those people who can’t afford to go out west. I think the idea is genius.” I agree because I know at the time when Cali Roots happened this last May, I couldn’t afford the flight out there. This year I know what I can expect in flying from Philadelphia, PA to Monterey, CA & many of us on the east coast see the value vs the cost in it and many of us out east will be making the trip out to Cali – May 2014.

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The first round lineup for Cali-Roots 2014 has been announced leading the first of 3 announcements off with SOJA, Ziggy Marley, Iration, Alborosie, Zion I, Passafire, Los Rakas, Cisco Adler, The Expanders, Katastro, Tatanka & Hirie. On December 5th, the 2nd round of artist line ups will be announced & then on January 9th the 3rd & complete round of artists line ups will be announced. This will be will a 3 day festival from May 23-25th in Monterey, CA. You can now purchase tickets for this event and you better hurry cause this will surely sell out!

After talking to Jered Draskovich from Fortunate Youth, that line up was something they were hoping to get on. “I can’t say if we’re going to be on the bill or not, I don’t know, but we are definitely going to be there for the festival. We wanna be out there enjoying whatever artists are on that bill. I’m actually excited to see because I don’t know whose in the lineup yet, either.”

The Cali Roots Festivals do so well because people come together here. With clean water bottling filling stations serving dehydrated concertgoers, live art being done on stage during the show to hookah stations allowing for a relaxed smoke session under the shade of a tent. Cali Roots cares about the people who come to the festival, and it cares about the music that is played on stage.

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The momentum is a reggae movement. It is an authentic culture that has just caught flame on the east coast, igniting a six month long wait until Cali Roots in Monterey. Don’t worry though, because there are a boatload of tours coming up over the winter and a lot of new music to keep every reggae/rock junky fixed for the time being.

Once again, I want to thank Cali Roots for doing this for us, and all the people involved with the whole festival process, I want to thank the artists that keep us coming back for more, and to all the fans, pat yourself on the back because without all of us coming together with open arms over the music, there would be none of this.

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Article By: Andrew McClatchy
Article By: David Norris & Bill Colbridge

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