Cali-Roots Presents’ Positive Economic Impact

Cali-Roots Presents’ Positive Economic Impact

Cali Roots 2014

Over the past decade, the firm known as California Presents Inc. has garnered national notoriety with their California Roots Music and Arts Festival. Now, following the successes of the event’s 5th year, with the dates for 2015 already set, California Presents Inc. has shown a true value.

Recently releasing an economic report, festival organizers haven proven their worth, revealing a staggering benefit to Monterey County, which could keep the festival rocking for years to come.
Cali Roots 2014

Beginning simply as a clothing brand, California Roots Co-producer, Jeff Monser, wanted to do so much more.In 2010 Monser held the first California Roots concert. In 2012, Monser paired up with long time Concert-promoter, Dan Sheehan and the duo put on their first event together, the 3rd annual California Roots festival. With demand skyrocketing over the past several years the two haven’t had a second to look back, as they continue to work hard to make future events, now held on both coasts, bigger and better.

Now one of the largest Reggae-Rock events in the country, the California Roots event with its intimate setting and like-minded chill crowd, is also one of the most unique festivals around. With the development and growth of this event happening so successfully it’s no wonder that the event has brought in big numbers, monetarily.

Following the event this past May, for the first time festival organizers have analyzed their flagship festival. And after all their hard work, the results are something of which to be proud. To rattle off a few impressive numbers from the report:

The festival draws in a demographic not usually attracted to Monterey. While local attendees were responsible for $0.3 million of the economic impact, visiting attendees were responsible for $10.1 million. That is $10 million the area normally would not receive. Unlike many music festivals held rurally outside city limits, California Roots provides a direct stimulus to an urban area; One that spurs secondary spending, an expansive multiplier effect.

California Roots patrons spent an approximate $8.4 million to the benefit of Monterey county. That figure breaks down to have an estimated $2 million going towards accommodations, $4 million being spent on food and beverages, $0.6 million towards entertainment, while $1.1 million went towards retail spending, along with another $0.6 million of those dollars going towards local transportation. The festival generated an estimated $1.2 million in taxes for state and local governments. Overall, Monterey county’s economic output increased by a whopping $12.1 million!

More importantly may be that Labor income for workers in Monterey County increased by $4.1 million. 10511167_10152557053463118_1459852369264380637_nThe festival supported the equivalent of 132 full-time jobs. This is enough revenue for the equivalent of more than 18 teachers at Monterey Unified School District, at an annual rate of over $64,000.

With California Roots, it has been proven that the local economies swell, but the festivals tide reaches well past the banks of the its local coast. Festival organizers have not only been able to draw in both artist and attendees from all over the globe, now the event via Youtube broadcasts a high quality production to the world. One that drastically expands the reach of California Roots far beyond it’s 12,000 daily festival attendees, and creating residuals that have yet to be measured. California Roots, with its single and multiple day events is well on its way to figures comparable to what Outside Lands brings to San Francisco or SXSW brings to Austin.

With the combination of its iconic musical history and music-events like California Roots or the newly created Indie-Rock First City Fest, Monterey is on its way to becoming the next “City for Music” and a guaranteed tenure of economic prosperity.

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Article By: Aaron Solomon
Bottom Photo By: David Norris

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