2018 Most Anticipated Albums

Welcome to The Pier's 2018 Most Anticipated Albums! If 2018 is any extension of where 2017 ended, then we're sure to see more strategic releases aimed toward building streaming numbers, which down the road may not include full-length albums. Bands are taking notice to a drop in MP3 downloads among fans who are switching to [...]

Coming Soon: The Pier’s 2018 Most Anticipated Albums

On Thurs., January 4th, 2018, we will publish The Pier’s 2018 Most Anticipated Albums. This is the time of year we get to anticipate and discuss upcoming albums from some of our favorite bands in Reggae-Rock. We’re compiling all of the information from the bands about their new releases for one big convenient read…

The History & Return of Long Beach Dub Allstars

Who Exactly Are The Long Beach Dub Allstars? The Sublime family tree is one with many branches, but if we consider Sublime the root, then Long Beach Dub Allstars would be the trunk of this unique reggae-rock genre. They started in 1997 as a way for this special community of artists to come together around [...]

MP3 Leak of the Week: Dela & The Aggrolites

Daniel “DELA” Delacruz, a saxophonist, composer, arranger, and producer, is also Slightly Stoopid’s horn section leader and a key contributor to their last four studio efforts. He’s put that skill to a debut record of his own that he co-produced with Karl Denson titled Opening Night. The Aggrolites back the live music to his production […]

Brand New Single Released From The Late Sugar Minott

Lincoln Sugar Minott passed away July 10, 2010, in Saint Andrew Parish, Jamaica. He was just 54-years-old. He was known as a reggae singer and producer who started his musical career in 1969 in Kingston, Jamaica. 7 years after his untimely death and fans are able to continue celebrating his life and music with a […]

Video: DELA & The Aggrolites – Atlantic & Smith

Dela sax player for Slightly Stoopid and Karl Denson (The Rolling Stones) are set to release their debut album, Opening Night, on November 3rd via Stoopid Records. The duo have teamed up with LA reggae stalwarts the Aggrolites to create an 11-track galactic fusion of jazz and reggae that features numerous guest vocalists and performers. […]

Toko Tasi Releases New Album ‘Rise ta Shine’

On August 18th, Long Beach, CA’s Toko Tasi independently released his sophomore album, Rise ta Shine, a 9 track record featuring guest appearances by Mic Dangerously, Chatty, Joel Castillo and Ethan Tucker. Read Tasi’s story and watch his new music video for the remix to his single “Rockstar.”

Pepper Releases New Single “Good Thing Going” ft. Slightly Stoopid

It’s hard to believe that in all of the songs and albums put out between Pepper and Slightly Stoopid, respectively, that not once has it come about them actually recording a song together; Even after double digit tours dating back to the early 2000’s! Well that has changed now that Pepper’s new single “Good Thing […]