What’s in the Bag? With LJ from Bikini Trill

What’s in the Bag? With LJ from Bikini Trill

We’re back in the RV with LJ from Bikini Trill as she empties her purse and show us all her everyday essentials from a lost treasure novel to arcade tokens to a postcard from the Last Blockbuster on Earth! A self-proclaimed lipgloss addict and candle girlie, this Texas crooner gets up close and personal with The Pier in our monthly series, What’s in the Bag?

Watch the full video on YouTube for the complete list of her must-have’s.

What’s in LJ’s Bag?

1. The Spider Rock Treasure, by Steve Wilson (LJ loves lost treasure stories FYI)

2. Jerry Harvey in-ear monitors, the real stars of the show

3. Phone, in a mushroom case (Urban Outfitters) AND a Christmas cookie case she just bought (Forever 21)

4. Wallet, along with cards that “don’t have any money on them”

5. A picture of her dad holding a fish

6. Her dad’s Chinese therapy balls, or “pause balls”, as LJ refers to them

7. The Traveling Squirrel, a stuffed squirrel LJ’s best friend gave her after her dad died <3

8. A postcard from the Last Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon

9. A ton of scratched up sunglasses

10. Vanilla Musk perfume oil, by Nemat (Ulta)

11. Jo Malone London, English Pear and Sweet Pea perfume spray

12. Arcade tokens

13. Tiny Yankee Candle Co. candle in lemon lavender

14. A box of assorted body crystals

15. Honey Works Organic Honey Soothing Throat Spray with Zinc

16. Random fake nails that have popped off

17. Blockbuster membership card from The Last Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon

18. Extensive collection of lip balms and lip glosses, including Burt’s Bees and NYX Butter Gloss