Celebrating Birthdays in the Reggae Rock World – Week of 10/02

This week, we are celebrating the birthdays of Sting (The Police Frontman), Bud Gaugh (Drummer of Sublime), and Gwen Stefani (Vocalist of No Doubt). Sting (born October 2nd, 1951)  has received 17 Grammy Awards, three Brit Awards, a Golden Globe, an Emmy and four nominations for the Academy Award for Best Original Song as a solo musician and a member of the Police. […]

Damn Good Time! A Conversation With Common Kings Guitarist Mata Grey

When it comes to feel good, summertime grooves, not many bands can pump out a jam to fit that specific mood as well as Common Kings.  The positive nature of their music has fans all around the world feeling their vibe and grooving along with their tunes.  It’s a bright and positive world when you […]

Dirty Heads Release New Album Midnight Control

California reggae-influenced band Dirty Heads have released their highly anticipated 8th studio album Midnight Control via Better Noise Music. Fans can stream Midnight Control here. “Midnight Control is the culmination of almost twenty years of musical exploration, creativity, and our love for creating original impactful art and music,” vocalist Jared Watson said. “It’s the best album […]

The Kaleidoscope Kid Covers Sublime “Ball and Chain”

Phoenix singer/songwriter The Kaleidoscope Kid is back with a cover of Sublime’s “Ball and Chain”, which was recorded at Skratch n Sniff’s studio. It was even posted on Sublime’s Instagram as part of their Sublime Cover Series where they said “SUBLIME COVERS SERIES ? @thekaleidoscopekid performing a wicked cover of 5446 That’s My Number/Ball And Chain […]

Interview: HIRIE Talks About New Album ‘Mood Swings’ & Dealing With Highs & Lows Of Being Openly Bipolar

Hawaii’s own HIRIE has officially released their genre-bending fourth studio album ‘Mood Swing’ through independent juggernaut Ineffable Records. ‘Mood Swing’ takes listeners a front row seat inside the heart and mind of HIRIE frontwoman Trish Jetton, from her trials growing up multicultural to her breakout success. The album packs a potent emotional wallop with soaring […]

Remembering The Life Of Josh Fischel

6 years ago today, the reggae world lost a legendary soul. Josh Fischel was a Long Beach, CA based singer songwriter who spent nine years with the band Bargain Music. Together they toured the country and released out seven albums under the Bargain Music name. A multi-talented musician and a scene mainstay, Josh’s musical history […]

23 Years Since Release Of Long Beach Dub Allstars Debut Album Right Back

23 years ago today, Long Beach Dub Allstars released their debut album, Right Back. When the album was first released, it hit Number 67 on the Billboard 200. “Right Back” is easygoing and rhythmic. The band takes the stylistic devices that Sublime established and takes them in various musical directions (some more successful that others). There […]

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