Katastro’s “Tell Me I’m OK” Marks Third Posthumous Single

Katastro’s “Tell Me I’m OK” Marks Third Posthumous Single

“Tell Me I’m OK” marks the third single drop for the remaining members of Katastro off their final album, slated for a fall release featuring vocals from Dirty Heads’ Jared Watson.

Courtesy Katastro/Chris Colclasure

Their work on the forthcoming album has been a long, cathartic journey for Andrew Stravers, Tanner Riccio, and Ryan Weddle, made possible by the undying support of their loyal fans and robust network of musicians and music professionals alike–all of whom helped this collections of songs come to life after the tragic passing of lead singer Andy Chaves in 2022.

Longtime manager and friend of Katastro, Gonzo, shares the story of the single:

‘”Tell Me I’m OK” was one of the last songs created on Katastro’s visit to Southern California to begin writing their next album with Dirty Heads. With just a quick demo and rough vocal take the band moved on to begin the next track idea with the intention of finishing production after they returned to Arizona. The next night lead singer Andy Chaves would end up passing in a tragic car accident just moments after leaving their final recording session.

Jared Watson of Dirty Heads immediately reached out to offer his support and brought the remaining members back to finish what they had started. With the help of longtime Dirty Heads producer Ryan Ogren (Doja Cat, Maroon 5, The Kid Laroi) they began the process of finishing the song with Jared Watson filling in any unfinished vocals. “Tell Me I’m Ok” quickly became a band favorite on the new album with Andy’s unfinished vocals on the chorus left as he last recorded them.

Finishing this project has been a testament to making the most of what you have because you never know when your time will come.”