Dirty Heads & Sublime with Rome Summer Tour 2016

Dirty Heads & Sublime with Rome Summer Tour 2016

Dirty Heads and Sublime with Rome will be joining forces this summer on a 29-show tour across the U.S. The tour officially kicks off with Sublime with Rome and Tribal Seeds next month on June 25th; Dirty Heads will join the tour starting July 1st in Florida along with others on various dates including 311, Matisyahu, New Kingston, and Bleeker.

Sublime With Rome headlines their Summer Tour 2016 with a variety of other bands backing throughout the 29 shows. The fellas will perform in over 20 states in a family-style tour featuring some of our favorite groups in the reggae community.

This tour makes it a family affair of sorts between Sublime with Rome and Dirty Heads. They do, in fact, share the same management. Rome Ramirez has been featured on a couple Dirty Heads songs (“Lay Me Down,” “Mongo Push”) while Dirty Heads are featured on Sublime with Rome’s song “Sirens,” from SwR’s 2015 release of the same name. That doesn’t include all of the production work Rome is tied to with previous Dirty Heads albums (Cabin By The Sea, Sound of Change), including some work that’s said to be on Dirty Heads new self-titled album expected to drop sometime this summer!
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While Dirty Heads and Sublime with Rome have shared the stage at various festivals over the years, this will be their first tour together since 2010. During his recent Facebook Q&A, Dirty Heads vocalist Jared Watson, who is obviously excited for the upcoming tour, had a very direct answer about expectations for the upcoming tour with Sublime with Rome.

When asked if Dirty Heads would be performing any particular songs with Sublime With Rome, Watson immediately said “Fuuuuck yeeeeeah dude! How would we not?” He continued with some anticipated tracks that might be performed together, along with some behind-the-scenes insight into Rome’s personality.

“Yeah, we’ll probably do ‘Sirens’, ‘Lay Me Down’… it just all depends on the level and how fuckin turnt Rome is. Big ‘ol bull in a china shop, you know? If he comes and he’s partying his balls off, you don’t know what you’re going to get!”

As to what else the fans can expect from this upcoming tour? Jared was revealing in sharing that they plan to play: “a nice balance of old music and new music… We’re going to switch up the new songs every night… We’ve gotta start playing them for you guys to gauge what people are really feeling… It’s a brand new album and we’ve never played it live, so we’ve gotta try that shit out on tour and find out what people like and what people are into.”

The tour starts off with a bang as Tribal Seeds opens the Vegas party for Sublime With Rome at Mandalay Bay. New Kingston will join both bands for their show at Red Rocks on June 27th and Bleeker in Atlanta before Dirty Heads joins the party on July 1st at St. Augustine Amphitheatre in . The big shows continue as Sublime With Rome and Dirty Heads continue around the country, mostly in amphitheaters, including numerous dates in California and Texas with the Pacific Northwest, Midwest, and the South in between.

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To close out the tour, 311 and Matisyahu will join Sublime With Rome, Dirty Heads, and Tribal Seeds for an epic 3-show lineup in Texas before hitting up two big summer festivals. Get your tickets now before the shows sell out! All shows have separate VIP Meet & Greet tickets available with Sublime With Rome and Dirty Heads including show ticket, early entrance, tour laminate, and autographed tour poster.

Here are list of Dirty Heads upcoming tour dates…

Dirty Heads Tour Dates

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Article By: Eric Schoep

Watch: Sublime with Rome – “Sirens” (ft. Dirty Heads)

Watch: Dirty Heads – “Lay Me Down” (ft. Rome Ramirez)