Mike Pinto Releases a David Foral Remix to “Crooks”

Mike Pinto Releases a David Foral Remix to “Crooks”

On June 27th, 2017, singer, songwriter & storyteller Mike Pinto released his first album in 4 years with a 10-track release titled Hotel Rendezvous. The album has flown under the radar as a low-key release while also being considered Mike’s best work to date. Since then, Mike has tapped Dirty Heads bassist David Foral for a dub-remix of the albums 2nd song, “Crooks.”
If you’re not familiar with Pinto’s music, he’s a story-teller through song and has a great repertoire of music that ranges from reggae, ska, folk, country and blues. Where it gets interesting is when he combines that with someone in a David Foral who’s background is rooted reggae, dub and hip hop. The result of that pairing is what we have in David Foral’s remix of Mike Pinto’s “Crooks”.

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David Foral tells The Pier: “I’ve known Mike Pinto for quite a few years now and have always thought of him as a talented storyteller. I even filled in on bass for him at a couple live shows awhile back. I ran into him at a festival recently and he was telling me about his new album — ‘Hotel Rendezvous.’ I told him that if he had any songs from the album that he wanted remixed to let me know. He reached out to me with the ‘Crooks’ track and I told him that was my favorite song from the album. I was going for a minimalist meets Massive Attack approach to the remix.”

You can stream David Foral’s remix of “Crooks” on Spotify or own it via iTunes by clicking HERE!

Mike Pinto’s 5th studio album, Hotel Rendezvous, was recorded at Killion Studios in Hollywood, CA with Orgone guitarist Sergio Rios. The album includes 10 previously unreleased songs, including the albums first single “Let You Go.” In addition to Sergio’s presence on the record, the album is also backed by keyboardist Roger Rivas of The Aggrolites/Long Beach Dub Allstars, Jon Asher of The Expanders, and Budda Foster of Through The Roots along with horns by Josh Molle, Max O’Leary & Eric Hirschhorn.

You can find a copy of Mike Pinto’s new album on Vinyl, stream it on Spotify or own it digitally via iTunes by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Mike Patti