Josh Swain of The Movement Discusses 8th Studio Album: Always With Me

On July 29th, 2022 The Movement will drop their 8th studio album, Always With Me, which also happens to be their first self-produced record since their 2004 debut, On Your Feet. Always With Me will include 15 brand new songs with a handful of guest appearances that include Slightly Stoopid, Clinton Fearon, HIRIE, Iration and […]

Interview: Space Kamp

An under-the-radar highlight to emerge out of the pandemic was that of a psychedelic reggae-hip hop duo, Space Kamp. These boys spent the last couple of years coming into their own and developing a sound that sonically reflected their “break rules and spread love” mantra and in that time, the dynamic duo of Adoo and […]

The Journey to Joe Samba’s Sophomore Record, Far From Forever

In February of 2018 Joe Samba first popped up on our radar when we saw him on Instagram covering Sublime’s “Doin Time.” We started following him, sharing his misc covers until April 20th, 2019 when he released his debut album, The Wrong Impression. 3 years later & he his releasing his sophomore album with Law […]

Video Premiere: The Kaleidoscope Kid – “Watermelon Kisses”

Phoenix singer/songwriter The Kaleidoscope Kid has released the official music video for his single, “Watermelon Kisses.” Taking listeners on a psychedelic trip with his music, his own personal journey saw him living off-the-grid in the woods inside of a cabin, battling an autoimmune disease that almost cost him his life. Joshua Murphy, aka The Kaleidoscope […]

Who Is The Naughty Don?

I first heard of The Naughty Don’s existence in April of 2018 when Pepper’s Kaleo Wassman invited me over for a private listen of this new project he was working on with Ronnie King, who is a musical legend in his own right having played piano for the likes of Tupac as well as Pepper’s […]

Interview: Pepper

We placed a phone-call to Pepper guitarist/vocalist, Kaleo Wassman, where we spoke for about 45minutes discussing new Pepper music following Local Motion as well as new music from his other musical outlets in Sabotage Soundsystem and the Naughty Don. He was very excited about Pepper’s new No Shame Chardonnay they put out with The Wine […]

Australian Drummer Adding His Own Kick to Punk Classics

Newcastle, Australia is almost 8,000 miles from Southern California. A full 19 hour plane ride from the streets of Los Angeles and the Bay areas, the streets that shaped bands like Lagwagon and No Use For A Name. 19 hours from the place where The Offspring, Pennywise, Green Day, and Blink-182 rocketed skate punk into […]