What’s in The Bag? With Logan Rex of Artikal Sound System

What’s in The Bag? With Logan Rex of Artikal Sound System

We’re back in the trailer with Logan Rex of Artikal Sound System as she empties her purse and shows us all of her everyday essentials from dog leashes to microdoses (LSD AND mushroom thankyouverymuch) to throat spray and everything in between. Buckle up, because there’s never a dull moment with this firecracker.

Watch the full video on YouTube for the complete list of her must-have’s.

What’s in Logan’s Bag?

1. Wallet with pictures of Uzi, her heavenly pup

2. An assortment of sunglasses, one for every personality

3. LSD microdose gummies by Portal

5. A tiny pink bong

6. A Gelatobranded lighter

7. Singer’s Soothing Throat Spray

8. A itty-bitty Moleskine, also used for rolling spliffs (Logan’s is robin’s egg blue)

9. Retractable leash for her dog, Winnebago aka Winnie

10. Raw rolling papers

11. A big scrunchie in peacock blue

12. A stone oil blotter for face

13. Throat Coat lozenges

14. “Redness Relief” eye drops

15. Cinnamon toothpicks

16. The Neu Co. Functional Fragrance, because it doesn’t give her headaches!

17. Rescue Remedy Anxiety Dropper

18. Mushroom microdose capsules

19. Cell Power Oxygen Drops for “dehydration”

20. Jasmine Absolute essential oil

21. Tampons, because no one wants to talk about it, but we are bleeding out here (she’s so real for this)