Chill Brudda Free Summer Mixtape!

Chill Brudda Free Summer Mixtape!

Beard & Pen Records recording artists The Seed, Lance Sitton & To the Sensi Tree have put out a FREE Summer Mixtape that includes 17 tracks between the 3 groups including 3 tracks off The Seed’s new album.

Titled The Chill Brudda Summer Mixtape, you’ll find a great summer clash of chill, feel good reggae and acoustic vibes!

The Pier caught up with Lance Sitton and we asked him why a FREE sumer mixtape?
Summer is my favorite time of the year & everyone will be at the beach or lake. We wanted them to enjoy the music we’ve put together over the years and figured it should be free. With gas prices and this economy, music should be cheap, or in this case free. One Love!
-Lance Sitton

You can download the album for FREE by clicking the album cover below!

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