Chronixx Performs on Jimmy Fallon!

Chronixx Performs on Jimmy Fallon!


This past Tuesday, Jamaica’s Chronixx made his US television debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Watch the young Reggae artist close the show with his hit single “Here Comes Trouble” chronixxsign

In its first season with a new host, after almost 100 episodes, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has become known for its viral song & dance bits with celebrities as well as its cool choice in music. Not only do The Roots play every night as the house band, but the show constantly brings in an excellent array of musical guests, filing the coveted late night performance slot with big acts, rarities and up-and-coming bands. Typically Jonathan Cohen is the man in charge of doing the show’s booking, however it seems Fallon may have his finger on the pulse when hit comes to Reggae.

Originally announced during the episode on Thursday, July 17, just after taking his place behind the desk, and announcing the talent for future shows, Fallon went into a funny short story about the first time he discovered Chronixx.

“I am very excited about this. Tuesday of next week, Chronixx will be here!…. You know Chronixx? … No no, not that type of Chronics (speaking to The Roots), he’s a Reg-gae singer!”

In conversation with the show’s side-man, Steve Higgins, Jimmy explains, ” … I was in Jamaica, I was on vacation, at this awesome place called Golden Eye… They play Reggae music through the whole resort, they play this song, “Here comes trouble, here comes the danger,” and I’m like, this is the best song!… I said who is this guy, and I Shazamed it, but the app doesn’t recognize… So I went and asked who it was… The guy actually tells me: ‘that’s Chronixx man’, and I go: ‘Chronixsman,’ he says: No, ‘Chron – Icks, Chronixx he has 2 X’s’… So Chronixx is going to be on our show Tuesday. So if you want to get into Reggae, new Reggae, he’s awesome.”

That next day on Friday, July 18, social media, at least in the Reggae scene, was abuzz with talk of Fallon’s story, and the upcoming performance. Following a weekend long blitz of posts across Facebook and Instagram, on Tuesday, July 22 episode 91 of The Tonight Show aired. After interviews with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Mel B, Fallon excitedly-announced the musical guest, “…To perform ‘Here Comes Trouble’ from his album the Dread & Terrible project, the entire island of Jamaica is swelling with pride right now. One Love. Please welcome Chronixx.”

Performing along side the ZincFence Redemption band, be sure to watch Chronixx perform “Here Comes Trouble” live in front of The Tonight Show audience. Enjoy the song and video below…

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Article By: Aaron Solomon