Cisco Adler’s New Single: “Don’t Kill My Buzz”

Cisco Adler’s New Single: “Don’t Kill My Buzz”

Singer, songwriter, and producer, Cisco Adler has emerged from behind the curtain with the unexpected release of a new single, “Don’t Kill My Buzz” via his own Banana Beat Records. He’s largely been quiet since 2014’s release of Coastin’ as he fills us in on what he’s been working on and who he’s been producing behind the scenes.

On August, 26th, Cisco Adler dropped his first song since the 2014 release of his 10 track album Don't Kill My BuzzCoastin’. The album included guest appearances by Matisyahu, Rome Ramirez of Sublime with Rome, and DJ Skinnie. With the release of his new single, “Don’t Kill My Buzz,” Adler tells The Pier that he came about the song unexpectedly: “Actually this song was a beautiful accident. The riff just came out of me and the words were almost like a lucid freestyle. I was the vessel.”

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The song is a fun, California bluesy riff speaking to the title of the track as Adler lends a soulful tone that sounds like it was sung with a smile. He continues to tell The Pier: “I wasn’t planning on putting music out as an artist as I’ve been taking time this year to produce and write for others…but when I kept playing the song for people they were like, ‘Damn this is fire!’ So I put it out, really, just to put it out and boom, it started taking off.”

The song starts off with Adler just playing a clean bluesy guitar rift before being joined by Cody Dickinson from North Mississippi All Stars on drums and keys with Mark Rudin on trumpet.

Unless another song comes to him by accident, this could be it for awhile with Adler releasing new music.

Adler tells The Pier he has been busy with producing other projects: “I just finished producing the soundtrack to The Rocky Horror Picture Show re-boot for Fox that drops Oct. 20th and am about to go in and start a G. Love and Donovan Frankenreiter collab. LP later this month. Also working on a bunch of songs for rapper Hoodie Allen‘s new album and continuing developing my artist Goody Grace who is about to explode…watch out for him!”

You can pick up Adler’s new single, “Don’t Kill My Buzz,” on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Watch: Cisco Adler – “Don’t Kill My Buzz”

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Article by: Mike Patti