Clear Conscience New Album Stream!

Clear Conscience New Album Stream!

Today Clear Conscience has released a new 10 track acoustic album titled Lust At First Sight featuring a slew of guest appearances. As an exclusive treat, The Pier has a Free 6 song stream of the new album. It’s a great taste as to what you can expect to hear before picking up the new album.

You can pick up the new album on iTunes by clicking HERE. Before you do you that, check out the FREE stream below & read about the album as you listen to the 6 song stream!

Press play & follow along as the sampler above goes: “Sensi Time, Connection (feat. dub passenjah), Everything’s Fine, Back For More (Eddie Blunts feat. Clear Conscience), Live With Your Heart, Remedy (Feat. Skillinjah & Josh Heinrichs)

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Track List:
1.) Everythings Fine (Original Mafi)
2.) Back For More (Eddie Blunt feat. Clear Conscience)
3.) Island Feeling
4.) Wet (Ross May)
5.) Connection (Feat. Dub Passenjah)
6.) Live With Your Heart
7.) New Love (Feat. Josh Heinrichs)
8.) Lost My Love (77 Jefferson Feat. Clear Conscience)
9.) Sensi Time
10.) Remedy (Feat. Skillinjah & Josh Heinrichs)

When The Pier caught up with Jeff McDermont of Clear Conscience he told us there was a few songs they didnt put on the release because they were wanting to have a physical pressed album in time for their trip to Hawaii. The album was mainly recorded in Hawaii with a few tracks done in Santa Cruz, LA & San Francisco. So we can expect a few more gems to be released some time soon that didnt make the final album cut.

We linked up with Eddie from High Tide in Santa Cruz to work on a few tracks & “Back for More” was one of the new tracks that were ready for the ears says Jeff McDermont of Clear Conscience. Ross May and I go back quite a bit as well Dub Passenja and our link up was actually a connect from Mike Patti of The Pier. Jeff went on to say that Dub Passenjah (also known as Daddy Scotty of Chapter 11) has appeared on every single Clear Conscience album since their debut album & collaboration with Stick Figure titled “What’s inside Counts”.

Ross May, who was also featured on the Sense Boardwear Acoustic Compilation contributed the song Wet that he went on to describe to The Pier saying It’s R&B on a reggae instro about uninhibbited porn sex between 2 perfect strangers, in fantasy as well as in public, which hasnt really been done like this before, so in essence hearing this song is kinda like losing your audible-virginity in classic Peter North style!

When we asked Ross May how the song Wet came about, he told us I spent 2 hours pacing in the studio writing and recording the song, and before i knew it I had a seriously catchy song on my hands. Once I submitted the song to Jeff, he agreed that the song was super catchy and was definitely going to cause some waves around the CC fan base, and he was right!

Jeff went on to say that Josh Heinrichs and ourselves linked about 3 years ago. Being a long time fan of Jah Roots it was amazing to work with Josh. Josh is one of the most enthusiastic, caring and loving people about music that I have ever met. This guy puts his heart and soul into everything he does. Josh introduced me to his buddy Skillinjah who is going to make a HUGE impact on this scene shortly!

Also featured on this album, is 77 Jefferson & Jeff concluded with us saying These guys are some of the most amazing musicians and people PERIOD. We hope to be doing more big things with 77 before the end of this year. Stay Tuned!

Huge Thanks to Clear Conscience as well as Jeff McDermont & Ross May for taking some time out to catch up w/The Pier.
Enjoy Lust At First Sight!