Coalatree Reveals Ziggy Marley Kachula Blanket

Coalatree Reveals Ziggy Marley Kachula Blanket

Coalatree, the outdoor brand company you may have heard previously in regards to camping, hiking or outdoor activities, recently announced that it will be collaborating with Ziggy Marley on an exclusive, limited edition “Marley Kachula Blanket.” Even better, all proceeds will benefit the environment and community.

If you love the outdoors and can’t ever seem to get enough camping sessions in (spoken from a camping enthusiast), then what’s not to love about awesome outdoors swag represented by your favorite musicians and artists?
Coalatree was founded in 2010, and one of the pillars to their foundation has always been about giving back to the community. In fact, Coalatree has raised over $1 million in Kickstarter (you read that correctly) for their outdoor products. And when they announced that they would be collaborating with Ziggy Marley in promotion for the limited Kachula Blanket, they stayed true to their roots by adopting a “buy one, give one” process.

The blanket itself is high-quality to say the least, in addition to the sharp design. Coalatree deems the Marley Kachula Blanket the “swiss army knife” of blankets! Features include water resistant materials, storage pockets, and removable hood. It’s versatility may be the most impressive feature, as it can serve as a pillow, a light sleeping bag, blanket, and even a poncho – for example, if you’re at, say, a Ziggy Marley concert and it starts raining.

With each purchase of the Marley Kachula blanket, Coalatree donates additional fabric to local homeless shelters in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah area (the location in which Coalatree was founded). We have our eyes on one! Grab your limited-edition Ziggy Marley blanket today before they run out by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Brian Glaser

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