Coming 7/9/13: The Pier’s Live Acoustic Series

Coming 7/9/13: The Pier’s Live Acoustic Series

Last November, we were excited to announce the addition of The Pier’s Live Acoustic Series. The vision is to provide fans with an intimate, stripped down acoustic experience featuring the genre’s most recognizable bands. On Nov 20th, 2012, we debuted the series with Cas Haley. On July 9th 2013, we’ll premiere the next group added to the evolving series.

We initially filmed Cas Haley last June but didn’t premiere the video until November. Since last June, we’ve filmed 4 more groups at various venues, including Cervantes in Denver, CO & The Fox Theater in Boulder, CO. Our plan is to release a new video every 4-6 weeks, starting Tuesday July 9th at 7:00pm (PST), right here at

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For those of you who have been following us on Twitter & Instagram, you may have picked up on some hints as to which groups we’ve been filming.

As for who the next group we’ll premiere on July 9th? Come back NEXT TUESDAY, JULY 2ND for that announcement.

Next Tuesday, we’ll include photos from the shoot, quotes from the producer, director & group about the session. It’ll also include some background on our director, Tage Plantell, who with his vision turned this series into reality a long with associate producer Kit Chalberg.

Come back here next Tuesday, July 2nd to find out which group we’ll premiere at 7:00pm (PST) on Tuesday, July 9th! for the next installment of The Pier’s Live Acoustic Series music video.

In the meantime, enjoy The Pier’s Live Acoustic Series video debut with Cas Haley performing, for the first time, new song, “Crazy Good Woman”

Article & Photo By: Mike Patti

Watch: Cas Haley – “Crazy Good Woman” (The Pier’s Live Acoustic Series Debut 11/20/12)