Common Kings “Celebration” Album Review

Common Kings “Celebration” Album Review


Common Kings American, Hawaiian, and Samoan reggae band came up from Orange County, California, and they held nothing back. From the top, blends of sounds flowing with rock, reggae, pop and hip hop. From the last successful albums and GRAMMY-nomination, the Common Kings are at it again!

They are the hurricane in the music scene with gripping music, and stories told from their hearts and souls. Celebration is a masterful collective, never a dull moment!

Between the off-the-charts stage presence and rising profile the Common Kings have sharpened their strategic powers with this brilliant collective of music new album Celebration! The music can be heavy hitting, then light and flowing with love. Off the top “Do My Thing” (feat. Royal Blu) is soul-SLAMMING, this jam crushes and you know this will be a killer live song! Then let’s jump into “Ragamuffin” (feat. J. Boog), vibes setting it off North Shore goddess of the ocean, this is sexy as hell! But more beautiful, its flirty and such a good listen too!

“Celebration”, such a great melody for the all the memories we hold close to our hearts, it’s a sentimental vibe and I love it. “One Day”, has got that hold on me. It’s telling their music explores their life’s journey, their stories, and you can feel the cultural influences throughout the music. The first song I heard them perform was “Heavy Water” when they teamed up with Dirty Heads. This is when I fell in love with Common Kings.

One must explore their music; you can see and feel their cultural power within the sound and lyrics.

Another reason I love them, their strength is revealed throughout all their music. Which brings me to “Came Up”, a prismatic and powerful track (feat. Kabaka Pyramid & SpreadLof). This is pure soul-heavy drifts of cultural roots, rhymes, and rhythm. The music feels like the strong ocean current, and it’s coming for you!

This is the music for our generations, it’s soulful and fun. But more importantly it’s about music and the empowerment these musicians have conveyed to the world.

Review by: Suzanne Sanchez