Common Kings ‘Hits & Mrs Tour’ w/ Tomorrows Bad Seeds

Common Kings ‘Hits & Mrs Tour’ w/ Tomorrows Bad Seeds

Common Kings is starting their Hits and Mrs Tour with Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds starting February 24th. Hits and Mrs is the title of Common Kings new 6-track EP released on October, 16th, 2015 featuring Megan Trainor. They will be touring the country playing old and new tracks with the Hermosa Beach boys, TBS, from February 12th to March 19th.

Common Kings, hailing from Costa Mesa in Southern California, released their third EP last October titled Hits and Mrs, with a full length to follow it up in early 2016 under the same name. The 6-track Hits and Mrs EP was a followed up to the bands previous two EPs (Summer Anthems and #WeOnTour Soundtrack both released in 2013) and numerous singles released under their own label.

Common Kings will be overseas for the first couple weeks of February before starting their stateside Hits and Mrs Tour to support the new album. The SoCal boys will be joined by other locals, Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, from Hermosa Beach.

Luckily, Common Kings came through the Great Pacific Northwest just before the EP release and The Pier’s Blake Taylor caught up with them for a brief conversation before their show at The Showbox in Seattle back in October, and of course there was lots of excitement to share about the upcoming album and tour.

“We’re happy that it’s out, that it’s done. It’s the long awaited monkey off our backs…this is actually our first full length album; we’ve just been doing all this off our EPs and singles. That’s why we’re relieved, it’s just ‘finally!’ We’re doing everything backwards but we’re still keeping afloat because of our fans and our great team at Regime [Management]…this album is going to be great, it’s a little bit of everything and we’re just super excited to have it out. A lot of our fans have labeled our music as ‘feel good’ so we are just running with that and I think this new album will do just that.”
– Common Kings

Blake went a little deeper and asked about specific tracks that they are especially excited about:

Good In Goodbye, it’s on the EP. We love that one…JR kills the vocals. And then Beautiful Lies, we were wondering if the vocals should be turned down a little and then JR went in the booth and just screamed it out, so we were like ‘Nevermind!’ It’s the one song if we do live we need to bring it down like five whole steps. JR frickin’ grabbed his nuts and was like ‘AHHHHH!’
– Common Kings

Common Kings gained popularity with their feel-good blend of reggae, pop, and soul, and also partly through some key collaborations. Common Kings have previously toured with Fifth Harmony and Justin Timberlake, both of which have helped gain some cross-genre and overseas fans. Looking forward to their tour with Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, we definitely expect some unique collaborations between JR, Moi, and whoever else might happen to be in town at the time of the show.

As mentioned inside our 2016 Most Anticipated Albums feature, both groups are expected to drop new albums in 2016 with Common Kings dropping their debut record. Read the details of each album by clicking HERE!

Make sure to check out the Common Kings on their upcoming tour with Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds as they hit up numerous cities across the U.S. in the next two months. The Hits and Mrs Tour officially kicks off on February 24th at Club Red in Phoenix, AZ and continues hitting up numerous states including Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, Colorado, and many more.

The Pier will be attendance for the closeout of the tour with back-to-back shows at Jazzbones in Tacoma, Washington so stay tuned for upcoming articles, pictures, and more coverage.

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Article By: Eric Schoep

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