Live: Tribal Seeds & Fortunate Youth (10-10-11)

Live: Tribal Seeds & Fortunate Youth (10-10-11)

Date: Saturday, Sept 10th, 2011
Line up: Tribal Seeds, Fortunate Youth, HaleAmanO, E.N Young
Location: The Wavehouse. San Diego, CA

Tribal Seeds, a home favorite of raw reggae music in San Diego, played at the Wavehouse located right next to the boardwalk of Mission Beach on Saturday, September 10th. Playing not only for a crowd at an outdoor beach club, the band also played for people along the boardwalk who stopped, listened and watched the band blast their music into the coastal atmosphere. It was quite a show with Californian musicians, and guests from Las Vegas, Nevada.

E.N Young is a solo artist whom also plays with a popular San Diego band called Stranger. For this reggae show, E.N Young was backed by a well-known guitarist by the name of Jerome Cruz, who has played with Big Mountain and recently played with Quinazo. There was also a saxophone player from the band Sono Vero, and a drummer. E.N Young sang songs off his solo CD called Luck And Chance No More. Songs included, “Imagine Peace,” “I Know It’s True,” and “Warriors.” It is interesting to note that E.N Young also helped produce Tribal Seeds latest EP, Soundwaves.

HaleAmanO is a reggae band from Las Vegas, Nevada. These seven guys bring an island sound to the desert area. HaleAmanO sang songs off their CD House Of Sharks, including “Recession,” “Temptationz,” and “Jah Soljah.” HaleAmano had a guest vocalist from Hawai’i named Shaggamon, and Eric Hirschhorn, the saxophone player of Sono Vero also performed the band’s final song with them. The band also announced they were giving away a pair of tickets to the Tribal Seeds stop in Las Vegas, Nevada for those who stopped by their booth.

Fortunate Youth is a band from the South Bay of Los Angeles. They not only toured with Tribal Seeds earlier this year, but they are rising fast in popularity with the release of their latest album Irie State of Mind. In fact, recently Fortunate Youth went on their own national, headlining tour, which they told The Pier went really well for them. Fortunate Youth is known for the roots dub reggae with exceptional vocals and lyrics provided by Dan Kelly and Ryan Gonzo. It’s also interesting how band members switch between instruments, including bass, guitar, keyboard and percussion. Songs included “Jah Music,” “Trippin,” “Love is The Most High,” and “Reggae Radio,” with E.N Young playing his melodica for guest instrumentals in the latter song. The band ended their set with Sweet Love,” which fans know is their choice song in ending their set.

Around 10:30PM, the lights on the elevated stage dimmed, and Tribal Seeds hit the stage with the crowd roaring. The band played Dark Angel” which has a great, heavy intro’. The set then went into “Island Girl,” “Beautiful Mysterious,” “Love Psalm,” “Rasta, Refuse It,” “ Warning,” “In Your Eyes,” “Soundwaves,” (with these last two songs off their new EP) “All I Know,” “Creator,” “I’ll Return Again,” (from EP, Soundwaves) “Dawn Of Time,” and “Vampire,” with the last song including a variation on the intro’, and also featuring guest vocals from Dan Kelly, E.N Young, and Ryan Fleming of HaleAmano at separate times. The band then provided an outro’ before exiting the stage.

They quickly went back on after a demanded encore, in which they performed, “Garden.” Tribal Seeds has great fans, and this is apparent in the way the crowd sang along to their favorite songs, including “Island Girl,” “Beautiful Mysterious,” “Love Psalm,” “In Your Eyes,” “Vampire,” and “Garden.” “Rasta, Refuse It” had a great rock guitar solo which the crowd responded to as well. At one point, the boys mixed up an instrumental solo with a hardcore use of keys.

– Article by: Liz “sandieganliz” Pimentel
– Photo by: David Norris

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