December 2013 Album Releases

December 2013 Album Releases

We can’t believe it is already the end of the year! So many excellent records were released in 2013, sometimes it’s hard to choose which we’d like to hear. It’s the giving time of year, it’s the month of December, and The Pier has 8 new releases, several you may want to remember, coming out in the month of December

If cool holiday tracks are what’s on your list, check a single with a charitable gist. Recently Jack Johnson and The Roots’ did a performance of “Rudolph,” it’s a cover not to miss, as profits from the iTunes downloads will go to the Red Cross relief effort in the Philippines, a download that truly brings someone else a bit of bliss.

There are more Brushfire tracks that go jing-a-ling, tracks good for traveling, tunes nice for the family, none that has won a Grammy, songs you can blast through earbuds to drain out the company, and one that’s pretty funky. Dub through the holidays with any of these new release dropping the end of this year, music makes a great gift and always helps deliver festive cheer.

Be on the look out for our January 2nd, 2014 Publish of The Pier’s 2014 Most Anticipated Albums!

If there are any albums we missed, drop them in the comments below or on our Facebook or Twitter.

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    December 2013 Album Releases

    The Hip Abduction – Self-Titled
    Release Date: December 3rd
    The Hip Abduction The Hip Abduction dropped their debut self-titled album on December 3rd! Mixed/mastered at Capture Sound Studio in Brooklyn NY and produced by Michael Goldwasser (The Green, Rebelution, Easy Star All Stars) the album was recorded in March of 2013 at Clear Track Studios in Clearwater, FL, in analog, capturing a vintage vibe.

    The Hip Abduction mixes reggae, rock, and African traditions to create their own unique sound. With heavy emphasis placed on African stringed instruments (kora, ngoni), dub-reggae-inspired bass lines, and funky afro-beat percussion, the band’s high-energy performances have won them a loyal statewide following. Formed on the gulf coast of Florida in 2009, The Hip Abduction has quickly grown from just a few African instrument playing surfers to a full-blown 7-piece reggae powerhouse.

    Read our review of the album by clicking HERE!

    You can pick up The Hip Abductionon iTunes now, by clicking HERE!

    The Holdup – Fools Gold Pt. 1
    Release Date: December 6th
    The Holdup

    The Holdup is a San Jose, CA quartet with a unique sound, incorporating elements of Hip-Hop, Indie, Reggae and Pop. The group formed in early 2008 when drummer Danny Flores and vocalist Mike Garmany recruited bassist Kyle Christensen and DJ/Manager Clev Stiles.

    The Holdup, is back with yet another full length studio album Fool’s Gold Part I which is part of a multi-part album series scheduled to release in sequence beginning with Part I. Fool’s Gold Part I, the band’s highly anticipated fifth full length studio album was released Friday December 5th 2013. The album will include the singles “IHTST”, “Older”, “End of Time” and a cover of the 90’s hit song “How’s It Gonna Be” by fellow Bay Area neighbors Third Eye Blind.

    Read more about the album by clicking HERE!

    You can pick up Fools Gold Pt. 1on iTunes now, by clicking HERE!

    Snoopzilla & Dam-Funk –7 Days of Funk
    Release Date: December 10th
    7-days-of-funk Recently changing his name to Snoop Lion and releasing a reggae album titled Reincarnated, the legendary Snoop Dogg has once again created another alias. Recently releasing 7 Days of Funk, Snoopzilla, linked up with Dâm-Funk for this new funk influenced project, and Snoop’s first project with a single producer since his debut album Doggystyle.

    Released December 10th on Stones throw Records, the –7 Days of Funk EP features 9 tracks influenced by the funk master, Bootsy Collins, who often went by the moniker Bootzilla. The EP delievers a modern funk sound featuring guest appearances from Kurupt, Tha Dogg Pound, and funk music veteran Steve Arrington.

    You can pick up 7 Days of Funk on iTunes now, by clicking HERE!

    Prince Polo – Mix Me Down Operator
    Release Date: December 10th
    Prince Polo Brooklyn based dub producer, musician, and engineer, Prince Polo, or Billy Szeflinski, has been making a name for himself in the reggae scene since the late 90’s as a writer/performer/and producer, and has recently been gaining recognition for his progressive approach to recording and mixing reggae and dub music.

    This December Prince Polo dropped his sophomore release on DubShot Records, titled Mix Me Down Operator. The record includes 14 tracks, featuring collaborations with Addis Pablo, Ranking Joe, Mikey Jarrett, Ruff Scott, Kendra Morris, Jah Bami, Bajah, and Morgan Price. Dub through the holidays with tunes taking you from Rocksteady to Rub a dub to the Future.

    You can pick up Mix Me Down Operatoron iTunes now, by clicking HERE!

    Just Chill – All For You
    Release Date: December 10th
    Just Chill All For You Fusing together a natural blend of all their favorite styles with a relaxing Reggae rhythm the Northern California Reggae/Rock 5-piece, Just Chill creates a unique take on the genre with their debut album, All For You dropping this month.

    Formed in early 2009 by brothers Kyle and Spencer Moore along with childhood friend Ray Uini. After adding Ryan Denice on rhythm guitar and vocals the band started performing around the South Bay Area, building a local fan base. Spreading positive vibes is Just Chill’s main focus through their songwriting process and live performances.

    Independently produced and recorded, for their first recording the band was fortunate enough to have the album mastered by Lew Richards down at Costa Mesa, California’s 17th Street Recording Studio. Just Chill released the album in dedication to their fans, explaining the title, “ We would not be where we are if it weren’t for all of your support over the past 4 years, and this is why we named our debut album “All For You” because it really is all for you!”

    You can pick up All For Youon iTunes now, by clicking HERE!

    Zach Gill –Roastin Chestnuts with Zach Gill EP
    Release Date: December 10th
    Zach Gill ALO frontman and Jack Johnson bandmate, Zach Gill, is releasing his first Christmas record this holiday season, titled Roastin’ Chestnut’s with Zach Gill. Available digitally through Brushfire Records, the EP features 8 tunes, including a guest appearance from Jack Johnson on the duet, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”, an original new Zach tune called “It’s Christmas Time (Meemaw’s Figgy Pudding) and 6 other holiday classics.

    Recorded mainly in “the Creativity Lounge” aka Gills’ garage, besides the duet with Johnson the record includes a cameo tap dance solo by Gill’s wife Jessica and some beautiful harmonies by his friends the Iversons. Reflecting on “Roastin’ Chestnuts with Zach Gill” Johnson comments, “Who better to sing Christmas songs than Zach Gill? He has always reminded me of a young and funky Santa Claus.”

    You can pick up Roastin Chestnuts with Zach Gillon iTunes now, by clicking HERE!

    Ashes of Babylon – World On Fire EP
    Release Date: December 20th
    Ashes of Babylon Founded in 2006, Ashes of Babylon is an 8-piece reggae band from Lake Charles, Louisiana. Now located in Austin, TX, AoB brings an original style of music with a blend of Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop, & Funk…all while keeping a solid Roots Reggae core. With several songwriters and multi-instrumentalists in the band, Ashes of Babylon brings a high-energy live show that keeps crowds moving. Sweet harmonies & horns spice up their unique brand of self-described, “Louisiana Reggae.”

    On December 20th, Ashes of Babylon releases their brand new EP titled World on Fire. Speaking on the title track, the band told The Pier, “World on Fire”, is an incitement to revolution; a proverbial call to arms. Written just weeks before the outbreak of the Arab Spring, it is thick with the spirit of revolution that, since that time, has been sweeping the globe. The song’s verses come with an intensity that compliments a lyrical assault on the corrupt institutions that have long degraded efforts to establish a more nurturing and cooperative human culture. The solution, as suggested by harmonious chorus transitions: set the fire of change to these corrupt institutions so that we may realize the awesome potential we possess… From the Ashes of Babylon will rise the Phoenix of a greater humanity, so long as we are willing to address our issues and work diligently to create a better way.”

    You can pick up the World On Fire EP on iTunes now, by clicking HERE!

    The Bastard Suns – Long Live Song
    Release Date: December 20th
    The Bastard Suns The homegrown, bluegrass/reggae band The Bastard Suns are getting ready to release their newest album Long Live Song. It will be the Atlanta based groups’ fourth full-length album, and promises to include a great mix of Punk, Bluegrass, and Reggae alike. This album will also feature two new band members including Mongo Peterson on bass and Whitney Carite who adds a new dimension to the band as a female vocalist.

    Read more about the album by clicking HERE!

    You can pick up Long Live Song on iTunes now, by clicking HERE!

    Article By: Aaron Solomon

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