December 2015 Album Releases

December 2015 Album Releases

December has to be the slowest month of every year to report on new albums. This is the time of year that the scene almost shuts down to make way for New Year resolutions. With that said, we have 2 new releases in the month of December to report on and on Dec. 28th, 2015, we’ll publish The Pier’s 2016 Most Anticipated Albums

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    Special C – Downtime
    Release Date: Dec. 11th
    Lionize On December 11th a new album was released by South Bay residents, the 3-piece reggae-punk rock group known as Special C. Downtime is the new 11 track album and the groups second release to date since officially forming in 2008. Downtime is the follow up to the Dec 26th, 2013 release of their first self-titled album that came in at 14 tracks. This new record was recorded at Screaming Leopard Studios in Hermosa Beach, CA. The album was self-produced in addition to Jenaration Records. The album featuring Michael Belk From The Originalites on Sax, Miguel Happoldt from Perro Bravo and Sublime mixed 2 songs and also sings background on the Miguel mix version of “Downtime” in addition to Dog Boy from Too Rude and Capital Vices LTD.

    Read more about the release by clicking HERE!

    You can pick up Downtime on iTunes now, by clicking HERE!


    Lionize – The Alpha EP
    Release Date: December 20th

    Out of Maryland comes the 4-piece rock group, Lionize, who is set to release their Alpha EP on December 20th. This Alpha EP marks the bands first self-produced and recorded album on their own imprint Wheatons Finest Music. It’s 6 total tracks and while the EP is available digitally world-wide on December 20th, the physical release of the EP is January 6th, 2016. The EP is actually more rock than it is Reggae, but fans of both rock & reggae will recognize some underlying reggae riffs in one of the EP’s tracks with “Meltdown (In The Valley of the Kings)”.

    You can read more about this release by clicking HERE!

    You can pick up The Alpha on Lionize own website by clicking HERE!


    Article By: Mike Patti