DENM Fans Rally Together To Help Replace Stolen Gear & Salvage Tour

DENM Fans Rally Together To Help Replace Stolen Gear & Salvage Tour

For some concertgoers, seeing our favorite bands on stage is a portal to get away from every day problems

It’s an escape from work, stress or financial burdens. Seemingly, all our problems disappear while our favorite bands help us break free.

We feel the vibration from the speakers on stage as our favorite artists give us all their energy. Then, they disappear into their tour buses and ride off to the next city to do it again.

What we don’t see is the long drives between the shows, dinners at travel stops and the hard times away from family. The 10,000 hours spent mastering their craft and the thousands of dollars spent on equipment is what gives us the live experience that will live on long after the concert ends.

Up and coming heat-seeker, DENM, had some staleness in the middle of his West Coast tour with Jakob Nowell when his van and trailer were broken into. Thieves made off with gear, including in-ear monitors and a MacBook Pro, that are an integral part of DENM’s live show.

Our rock-reggae community is a close knit family. We urge anyone that is able to help to do so.

A GoFundMe was set up to help replace the lost equipment and keep the shows rolling. The GoFundMe is located HERE

DEMN wrote in a statement about the GoFundMe:

“Friends, I’m DENM, currently on tour across California. We got our van broken into last night and had some very valuable items stolen. So much so that we can’t play a live show without them. MacBook Pro. In-ear packs and receivers. Innumerable hours in Ableton. On and on. We need to reset in real time to continue this tour, including a festival in Santa Barbara and a sold-out show in Santa Ana. Let’s try to do what we can to keep the music moving. We love you and appreciate every one of you. We will recover, bounce back stronger and bring you the best live show possible with everything we have to give. Thanks for reading and love you all.”

Within one hour of posting the GoFundme, it reached its goal.

DENM showed gratitude on socials saying:

“I don’t even know what to say, I’m in awe right now. Last night we saw how some people really suck, and today got to see how absolutely amazing people can be, thank you so much for donating and believing in the vision”

Recently, DENM and Landon McNamara announced a joint EP coming out later this year titled “Slum Beach Posse Vol 1“. The duo released their first single “Wild Trip ” which was produced by DENM.


Story by Adoo & James Wright