Dirty Heads 2014 Spring Tour Dates!

Dirty Heads 2014 Spring Tour Dates!

Dirty Heads, who are currently wrapping up their next studio album, have announced that they will be hitting the road this spring, starting April 3rd in New Haven, CT. This tour has the group staying almost exclusive to the east coast, but with more dates to be announced soon!

If you weren’t aware, Dirty Heads were featured in a recent Buzzfeed article that highlighted each states favorite artist or band. Funnily enough, the Dirty Heads came out on top in Wyoming (of all places). You can read the Buzzfeed article by clicking HERE. 1005351_10151730927318118_1556849712_nUnfortunately, their up coming tour dates have the group visiting their biggest state, but is much is on the horizon for a group with a new album coming out.

The new, yet-to-be-titled, album is expected for a summer 2014 release and has a number of outstanding guests contributing vocals as well as to production. In a recent interview with Dirty Heads, vocalist Jared Watson, he shared his hopes for a June release and said the new record would have between 11-14 new tracks. Dirty Heads completed the album out of Sonic Ranch studios in Arlyn, TX. Mixing things up this time, they worked with multiple producers including Rome Ramirez of Sublime with Rome, who produced 8 tracks as well as producers Buddashampoo, Supa Dupes & Niles.

During my conversation with Jared, he described the new record as “Way more hip-hop & bigger & more hype & more fun for the live show – more party stuff!”. He also mentioned that “We’re putting like Trap, Hip-Hop beats over a Kings of Leons style Guitar, but then there are skanks…”

While the group has announced their Spring tour dates, they did mention plans for a BIG summer tour, although a tour hasn’t been lined up just yet. “We have recently played some shows with the Pepper guys and we never been out on tour with them and it was really fun and the crowd liked it, so it has been in the talks. But we don’t have anything set in stone right now to tell you, but I know there’s going to be a BIG Summer tour.” But Jared did warn fans that once the album is released, to expect new tour line ups from the band…“I think once the album does come out, our tours will get a lot more interesting and you might see us with a different type of band, rather than in the Reggae-Rock realm; which we’ve always liked to kind of venture out”

Stay tuned for updates on the new album and summer tours as they’re announced & check the current spring dates below. To read our full Exclusive Interview with Jared Watson, you can do so by clicking HERE!


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Article by: Mike Patti
Photo by: Amanda Zancanella

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