Dirty Heads Advice For Aspiring Artists

Dirty Heads Advice For Aspiring Artists

Digging in further to the previous Dirty Heads fan Q&A on Facebook, vocalist Jared Watson got a little personal. Among many topics, Watson discussed some behind-the-scenes aspects of producing Dirty Heads music and included some advice from a true pro for all those aspiring up-and-coming artists.

The Pier and fans received a pleasant surprise from Jared Watson of Dirty Heads during his recent Facebook Q&A when he shared some advice for up-and-coming artists looking to make their big break. There are numerous places artists can go to learn and improve their musical talents from local lessons, online apps, tabs and sheet music, open mic, and much more. But one of the best ways to quickly advance any skill is through a mentor, and there isn’t a better musical mentor than one of your favorite bands currently making it big.

Well, here you go…a gift from the Dirty Heads. During the previous Facebook Q&A a fan asked for some advice for new musicians trying to make it. To start, Watson put things very straight forward for new artists, stating: “Just play! Play anywhere and everywhere that you can. And put your shit out…like Soundcloud, put free music out all fuckin day if you want to make a name for yourself. Put out as much music as you can online and play as many shows as you can.”

Watson of course dug a bit deeper explaining the need to network to build a team and a dedicated fan following before throwing in some words of inspiration. He stated, “If you are a kid who has a dream that just wants to write songs go make a name for yourselves and maybe one day get to sing a song with DH.”

But this is not just a pipe dream. Watson went on to tell the true story of this actually happening. Prior to gaining the traction they currently have, AER was a new and aspiring band themselves who are based out of Wayland, MA. Aer vocalist, Carter Schultz, won a Dirty Heads contest with a cover of Antelope and later found a place playing on the same stage while on tour with Dirty Heads.

Mixed in with a variety of other questions, many were focused around the last album’s experimental approach and how the new upcoming album compares. When asked about the most difficult aspects of making an album, Watson explained the difficulties in trusting others with something that’s so personal.

“…then you take it and send out to someone who hasn’t been in the room or writing at all and you trust them to take what you made, you know your baby, and you trust them to mix it…that’s the most nerve-racking for me…giving somebody else something that you put so much time and your soul into and they’re just going to take it and maybe do something.”

Watson discussed the difficulty of giving up something close and personal, which everybody can relate to. As a musician, you must enlist the help of professionals and delegate different aspects of your music to other talented individuals. Sourcing that network is of course a necessity as he discussed.

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To put it short and sweet, nut up and get your music out there wherever and whenever you can, and get your face out there in the spotlight: “Keep truckin, writing as much as you can and putting everything out and play. People really don’t understand the importance of performing and connecting with your fans before you blow up. You can blow up overnight but if you have no fans before that you’re fucking going to go away just as quick. But if you’ve been grinding out and building your fanbase and having people with you at all these shitty shows realizing ‘I was there from day fuckin’ 1!’, then they’ll connect and you’ll feel connected with them. You build that community and that’s how you do it.”

True to form, before Dirty Heads began touring as a full band, they spent their early years playing on bar-stools at local dive bars singing and rapping as a 3-piece with Duddy B. on guitar singing & rapping with Jon Jon on percussion and Jared rapping. If there was a stage, a PA and an invite to play, the Dirty Heads showed up, including invites to birthday parties. They have since evolved into the powerhouse they are today, selling out arenas across the U.S. — Check their upcoming tour dates below.

Dirty Heads have just released their new 11-track self-titled record — You can pick it up on iTunes by clicking HERE!

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Article & Photo By: Eric Schoep

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