Dirty Heads Any Port In A Storm 14 Year Album Anniversary

Dirty Heads Any Port In A Storm 14 Year Album Anniversary

On this day in 2008, Dirty Heads released their debut album, Any Port In A Storm.

Any Port In A Storm was an album that was shelved at Warner Bros. for a number of years before Dirty Heads were able to leave the label with their album, and officially released the album via Executive Music Group, a division of Universal Music Group. The original release of the record included 14 total tracks, including guest appearances by M. Shadows and Slash of Guns N Roses on the song Check The Level.”

Two years later, the group released a Special Edition of the album that featured an additional 9 songs, including Lay Me Down,” featuring Rome Ramirez, an acoustic version of Stand Tall and a cover of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida,” among other songs from their earlier demos. DH_APIAS_Vinyl

In 2018, the band re-released the album, which included 22 total tracks onto a blue vinyl. When the album was originally released, it peaked in the Top 10 on the Billboard Top Alternative Albums Chart with Rolling Stone’s “Best New Bands of 2010.”

The albums first single, Stand Tall found its way on to the soundtrack for the major motion Pixar film, Surfs Up and played during a pivotal part in the movie. Another song, Hip Hop Misfits was hand-picked by Matthew Mcconaughey to be used in his movie Surfer Dude. Lay Me Down peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart and stayed there for 11 straight weeks, a record for an independent release. Billy Preston, known as The Fifth Beatle, plays keyboards on multiple tracks on the album in what would be one of the final sessions he recorded before his death.

With so much great music being put out by Dirty Heads, it’s easy to forget the greatness of their debut record. Owning it on Vinyl should be on the radar for any Dirty Heads fan. You can do so via their web-store by clicking HERE!


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Article by Kailee Maguire