Dirty Heads Release Spotify Exclusive Tracks

Dirty Heads Release Spotify Exclusive Tracks

Dirty Heads have yet to come down from the success of their self-titled album release in 2016, and have recently announced another bonus for their fans to enjoy with extra help from Spotify. The premiere digital music service recently teamed up with Dirty Heads as part of their “Spotify Singles” series to release two exclusive tracks — both of which are more than worthy of your attention and your speakers.

The first of two tracks is an acoustic re-release of their single “Oxygen” from their Dirty Headsself-titled Dirty Heads album in 2016 via Five Seven Music, featuring more of a mellow, jazzy intro with stripped down keyboards and a vibe you would get from jamming and chillaxing around a campfire. The back-and-forth vocal trade-off between Jared Watson and Dustin Bushnell remains consistent and stays true to the original track as well — a very solid re-release of an already excellent song.

The exclusive track is a cover of the hit EDM single “Don’t Let Me Down” originally released by The Chainsmokers (featuring Daya). The track features the trademark intro on keyboards and builds right into the progressive chorus from the original version with Dirty Heads’ own spin on the song. This is the second of two recent EDM collaborations from Dirty Heads, in which Borgeous recently remixed “Oxygen” as well and released the track in January.

Check out both exclusive Spotify tracks by clicking HERE!

Dirty Heads On Tour:

While Dirty Heads have only announced a handful of tour dates at this time, it’s safe to say that each show will be a sight to see –- the band is currently only playing music festivals in 2017 and just recently headlined Sunday night at Cali’s One Love festival. With Cali-Roots, Reggae Rise Up, Sunfest, BottleRock and more just around the corner.

Grab tickets to the festival closest to your location and stay tuned as we prepare for them to announce their summer tour plans and dates!

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Article By: Brian Glaser
Photo By: Lori Gutman

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