Dirty Heads Release ‘Vacation’ Beer Ahead of 2018 Fall Tour

Dirty Heads Release ‘Vacation’ Beer Ahead of 2018 Fall Tour

Add Dirty Heads to the list of band-beers to try as they have partnered up with Four Sons Brewing Company out of their hometown of Huntington Beach, CA to create a Pineapple Session Ale called Vacation.


Dirty Heads ‘Vacation’ Session Ale + Pineapple

Dirty Heads were hands on involved with the creation of the 5.0% ABV brew from taste testing to the bright logo, imagery and design of the can as created by bassist David Foral. In addition to Dirty Heads, you can now stack your fridge with beer by Sublime, 311, Pennywise, Rebelution, Deftones and while they last, NOFX.

The project to acquire a beer was spearheaded by drummer Matt Ochoa and percussionist Jon Olazabal. The two frequented the brewery and when they found out the founders of Four Sons Brewing were fans of the band, the relationship evolved to what we’re celebrating now with the unveiling of a brand new beer.

“Four Sons brewing is a family owned business from HB. They are great people that work hard and create amazing beer,” Matt explained. “I’ve been a fan of them for years now and to find out they were fans of us only made perfect sense to create something special together.”DHVacationBeerCans

When asked how the collaboration came about, Four Sons Director of Operations Deven Dufresne replied, “My brothers and I are big fans of the Dirty Heads and their music, so we are stoked to be working with them on this beer. They had some awesome input and were hands on the entire time, which resulted in a beer that we think not only their fans will love, but all craft beer enthusiasts out there.”

“We love nothing more than a nice crisp cool summer time beer,” says Dirty Heads percussionist Jon Olazabal. “No one does it better than 4 Sons. That is why we have teamed up with them to create this delicious Session Ale infused with the freshest pineapple we could find. Perfectly balanced and perfectly crushable, better grab 2 six packs because the first one will go quick.”

The group did a private taste test with a small keg of the beer when they kicked off their summer tour in San Diego, CA on May 30th. Fans described it as a refreshing beverage with a hint of pineapple that really isn’t overbearing at all.

There will be an official launch party for the new beer on July 27th at Four Sons in Huntington Beach, CA. From there, the beer will be available in southern, CA and select western U.S. where Four Sons Brewing has distribution. Demand will dictate its growth and with as wylee of a fan base that Dirty Heads has, we imagine this will soon see its way into midwest and east coast before long.

Dirty Heads Fall 2018 Tour Dates Announced.

In addition to the launch of their beer, Dirty Heads have announced that they will be hitting the road this fall from September 21st – October 24th. There will be 22 dates hitting 14 states across 22 cities in addition to Toronto. Dirty Heads will be joined by supporting acts and Five Seven label mates Jukebox The Ghost, based out of Washington, D.C., and New York’s Just Loud.

Jukebox The Ghost is kind of like a piano driven alt. rock band best known for their single “Girl” and “Everybodys Lonely.” Just Loud is soulful independent alternative rock group known for their songs “Electrified” and a cool cover of Radiohead’s “Creep.” Collectively they should all pair nicely for a start to finish live show this fall. Dates are below and links are below

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Article By: Mike Patti

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