Dirty Heads Video Blog

Dirty Heads Video Blog

So Dirty Heads have a new album Cabin By The Sea dropping on June 19th. You couldn’t have a much more anticipated release and the guys were cool enough to keep a video blog around the new album. Below, we collected a handful of videos that you can find on Dirty Heads YouTube, but I decided to put them in one blog for your viewing pleasure here on The Pier!

You can read the details, cover-art & track listing of their new album as well as their Summer tour with Matisyahu by clicking HERE.

But in the videos below, you can see Dirty Heads at the Sonic Ranch studio during the recording process along with a couple other videos of them talking about the meaning behind some of the new songs & the depth behind the track title.

Jared Watson of Dirty Heads wrote on the groups Facebook and as mentioned in the video below saying “This song “Love Letters” was written and based on how technology has changed relationships through out the years… hope you enjoy -j”. Not to mention the guys are freaking hilarious. Plus you gotta check out Duddy’s ridiculous Mongo Push down the street!

@ Sonic Studios…

Duddy, interviewing Duddy, smoking with Duddy, making fun of Duddy, yet informative…

Discussing a NEW song, a track titled “Love Letters”

Discussing a NEW song, a track titled “Mongo Push”

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Article By: Mike Patti