Don Carlos to Release New Single: ‘Peace & Love’

Don Carlos to Release New Single: ‘Peace & Love’

An extremely rare occurrence happens when you can find an artist firing on all cylinders at 64 years of age. With almost 50 years under his belt and widely considered as a musical legend, look no further than roots reggae sensation Don Carlos who recently announced that his new single “Peace and Love” will be made available April 1, 2017.

Since he began making music almost 50 years ago with Black Uhuru, Don Carlos hasn’t looked back since with 11 solo albums already under his belt. Recently, Don Carlos has also Don Carlos Peace & Lovebeen getting involved with big-time collaborations alongside notable artists including Tribal Seeds (“Blood Clot”), Rebelution (“Roots Reggae Music”) Slightly Stoopid (“Marijuana”) and Hip-Hop breakthrough G-Eazy (“Boom Boom Boom”) -– each of these tracks being released within the past several years. Additionally, the Kingston-native has been lifting crowds with his positive, stylistic dancehall delivery for decades leaving fans raving about his live performances.

Don Carlos shows no signs of slowing down, as an announcement was recently made that “Peace and Love” –- his latest single –- will drop on April 1 for all to enjoy. The track is expected to stay true to Don Carlos’ roots with the song to be anchored by a heavy bassline with more quintessential vocal delivery expected from the legend as well.

Check back at The Pier on the release date to catch a sample of the track and look below to watch Don Carlos in his first and only music video for the song “Time” from his album Seven Days a Week released in 1998!

Don Carlos on Tour:

While tour dates at the moment are limited for Don Carlos, fans can catch him in California the first week of March, as well as a set at the Fyah on the Water Festival on April 20 in Wileysville, CA alongside The Crystal Method, Clear Conscience, Bumpin’ Uglies, and many others. An African tour is also expected to be announced soon with performance dates including and not limited to Zimbabwe, Ghana and Kenya -– his last performances in Africa featured crowds of more than 100,000 fans; those who are able to attend should make moves as these promise to be very memorable shows. Check back soon for full details once they are released!

Don Carlos Tour Dates

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Article By: Brian Glaser

Watch: Don Carlos – “Time”