Dub Inc Drops New Single From Upcoming Album

Dub Inc Drops New Single From Upcoming Album

The France-based reggae act Dub Inc has released their newest single, “Allons leur dire”, from their upcoming album FUTUR (the band’s 8th LP) .

“Allons leur dire” was released with a video that follows the wanderings of young people with their desire to be heard and illustrate our future by sending a reminder, a message: “le monde est à nous” (The world is ours).

The video highlights the band’s sentiments about the constant need or ongoing requests that pundits, critics, and society place on musicians’ shoulders to either take sides or express an opinion – but the reality is that the world belongs to the young. Dub Inc comments: “We also wanted to get back to being pure musicians, to warm the listeners’ hearts, and to be a messenger of good vibes while maintaining a dual reading in our lyrics”.

“Allons leur dire” was one of the first songs the band created for their forthcoming album. It was written between the first two lockdowns. Per the press release, Dub Inc created the new song out of a desire (or even a need) to write and sing about utopia in a period that did not feel very utopian. Under the pretext of naivety in their writing, Komlan and Bouchkour questioned the world and our ability to react, either alone or collectively.

Allons leur dire que tout va bien ! / Rien ne nous inquiète, / Nouveaux manifestes / On va définir nos rêves !
(Let’s go tell them everything’s fine! / Nothing worries us, / New manifestos / We’ll devise our dreams!)

Nos liens resteront fraternels, / Solide comme un roc même quand l’histoire bégaye, / On reste coude à coude tous dans ce grand tunnel.
Our bonds will remain brotherly, / Solid as a rock even when history stutters, / We all stand shoulder to shoulder in this never-ending tunnel.

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