Easy Star All-Star’s “Billie Jean” EP

Easy Star All-Star’s “Billie Jean” EP

Easy Star All-Stars will be digitally releasing their Billie Jean EP this July! Dropping just over a month before the release of their much anticipated tribute album Thrillah, this EP is an early sampling of what fans will get to hear in August.

The Billy Jean EP includes two tracks off the Thrillah album, “Billie Jean” featuring Luciano, and “Human Nature” a collaberation with Cas Haley.

These tracks are packaged along with two “Billie Jean” remixes and a dub version of “Billie Jean.” Both of which are unique to this EP. The Billie Jean EP will be available July 10th through various digital outlets and Spotify.

Read more about Thrillah by clicking HERE!

Easy Star All-Stars – Bill Jean EP
Track List:
1.) Billie Jean ft. Luciano
2.) Billie Jean Dub
3.) Human Nature ft. Cas Haley
4.) Billie Jean (Mister Vibes Remix)
5.) Billie Jean (Sounduo Remix)

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Article By: Aaron Solomon

Listen to the first single off Thrillah, “Billy Jean!”