Easy Star Records Signs Passafire!

Easy Star Records Signs Passafire!

On Tuesday, August 13th, another big move in the reggae community was made when Easy Star Records announced that Passafire would be joining the record label! As a result, the band’s fifth studio album, VINES, will be dropping on Nov 12th under the newly added label.

The group out of Savannah, Georgia is a solid addition to Easy Star’s already stacked roster consisting of artists such as, The Green, Cas Haley, The Black Seeds, John Brown’s Body, Easy Star All-Stars and more.

The Pier got a chance to speak with Easy Star’s chief executive officer, Eric Smith, to find out more about the new addition. Eric had this to say about bringing Passafire onto the growing roster, “We are very excited that we have teamed up with Passafire. They bring the same care and love that we bring to the game at Easy Star, so it really is a great partnership. It was just clear off the bat that we were on the same page, which is really critical for us at the label.”

Since forming in 2003, Passafire has shown their dedication to the music scene by constantly touring and providing their fans with quality music whose style has not been matched in the reggae-rock community. While maintaining their uniqueness in the scene for many years, they have gained a huge following, making them a great asset to the Easy Star team. According to Ted Bowne, lead singer and guitarist, Passafire has followed the bands under Easy Star Records for many years, using their success as inspiration to push harder and make a name for themselves.

Although not many details on the new album are available, we do know that it will be released on November 12th under Easy Star Records and that Paul Leary is the mastermind behind mixing the record. Paul also worked with the band on their 4th album, Start From Scratch, and has worked with many other big named artists such as Sublime, Pepper, Slightly Stoopid and U2.

Eric left us with one last thought on the new addition to the label. “Passafire compliments the other bands on the label without competing with them. They share the same core principles with the rest of the roster by dedicating themselves to creativity, originality and honesty in their music.”

According to Eric, Easy Star has plans of bringing even more talent to the label but cannot confirm anything yet. The label is also very excited to be celebrating the 10th year anniversary of Easy Star All Star’s Dub Side of the Moon this fall!

Be sure to check back with The Pier for more information on Passafire’s new album as well as any other news coming from the Easy Star Records crew!

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Article By: David Garcia