ESPN Celebrates Bob Marley in July!

ESPN Celebrates Bob Marley in July!

In July of 2013, ESPN is going to be celebrating Bob Marley’s timeless album Legend, by playing remixed tracks all throughout its programming from the 2013 release Legend Remixed. The music will also be part of ESPN’s X Games Los Angeles programming and content.

Legend Remixed is already getting a ton of buzz from the featured artists on the album. The producers of the album include sons Ziggy and Stephen Marley, and the lineup includes Pretty Lights, Thievery Corporation, Jason Bentley, Z-Trip featuring Lee “Scratch” Perry, Photek, My Morning Jacket’s Jim James, Roni Size, RAC, Beats Antique, Nickodemus & Zeb.

Ziggy and Stephen Marley took to a few of their own remixes on tracks such as “Stir It Up”, “No Woman No Cry”, “Buffalo Soldier”, “Easy Skanking” and Ziggy’s newest remix of “Redemption Song”. The track “Three Little Birds”, remixed by Stephen and Jason Bentley, has been incorporated into a new campaign by Hyundai as well, and has been featured in their new Assurance Connected Care Program.

Tracks that will be played exclusively from the album Legend Remixed on ESPN include “Exodus” (Pretty Lights Remix), “Jamming” (Nickodemus & Zeb Remix), and “Three Little Birds” (Stephen Marley and Jason Bentley Remix).

You can purchase Legend Remixed on iTunes by clicking HERE.

Bob Marley – Legend Remixed Track List:
1.) Is This Love (Jason Bentley Remix)
2.) No Woman No Cry (Stephen Marley Remix)
3.) Could You Be Loved (RAC Remix)
4.) Three Little Birds (Stephen Marley and Jason Bentley Remix)
5.) Buffalo Soldier (Stephen Marley Remix)
6.) Get Up Stand Up (Thievery Corporation Remix)
7.) Stir It Up (Ziggy Marley Remix)
8.) Easy Skanking (Stephen Marley Remix)
9.) One Love/People Get Ready (Photek Remix)
10.) I Shot the Sheriff (Roni Size Remix)
11.) Waiting in Vain (Jim James Remix)
12.) Redemption Song (Ziggy Marley Remix)
13.) Satisfy My Soul (Beats Antique Remix)
14.) Exodus (Pretty Lights Remix)
15.) Jamming (Nickodemus & Zeb Remix)
16.) Punky Reggae Party (Z-Trip Remix featuring Lee “Scratch” Perry)

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Article By: Andrew McClatchy

Watch: Remixed – Bob Marley – “Three Little Birds”