Etana Wakes Up In “Zion”

Etana Wakes Up In “Zion”

It has only been a few short months since we had last put the spotlight on rising female reggae artist, Etana. Starting her summer off on the Queen of the Islands tour with Anuhea, Etana created anticipation for her August 27th release of the 420 inspired single, “Zion”.
Etana and rapper/producer Cold Fever fuse together to create the next roaring reggae anthem. Reining from Jamaica, Etana chooses not to conform to the standards of today’s scene. She represents her deep reggae roots with signature reggae tones and her Rastafarian spirituality.

Cold Fever, is a London based artist known for his multiple musical influences, ranging from reggae, hip/hop, jazz and soul. As producer/songwriter/rapper, Cold Fever has created a hybrid reggae breed; which he likes to call “Desi Reggae”. He generates his own genre with the use of irie reggae beats, heavy base drums, electric mixes, hip/hop and dancehall rhythms. Click HERE to hear more Cold Fever.

The outcome of them working together resulted in their single, “Zion”, which sends us on a quest to explore the many uses of cannabis. “I exhale and I’m on Zion, Zion I woke up in Zion” Etana sings, as she sets flight to Mount Zion, entering a place of freedom and enlightenment. As a listener you are encouraged to exhale, relax and join Etana on her journey. In both the video and song we are lead on a lively and positive experience while we also face the controversy of government’s policies.

Setting high expectations with the release of this influential single, we can plan to hear more from Etana on her “Cannabis EP” that is set to be released on April 20th, 2016. Until then, you can catch Etana, December 31st- January 3rd playing four shows across Florida. Don’t miss out on her New Years Eve show as she opens for SOJA and Collie Buddz at Jannus Live in St. Petersburg, FL.

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Article By: Julia Goodman

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