Etana’s Fourth Studio Album

Etana’s Fourth Studio Album

Coming out October 28th, 2014 via VP Records is Etana’s fourth studio album, titled: I Rise. The album even includes a Bob Marley remake of “Selassie Is the Chapel”. In addition, she’s released a new music video & will be playing a show with Fortunate Youth!
Etana’s new album, I Rise & the beautifully-orchestrated set is helmed by the legendary Jamaican multi-instrumentalist and producer Clive Hunt. Clive arranged an all-star team of the island’s musicians to contribute to the set – including himself, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Grub Cooper, Handel Tucker, and Dean Fraser.

I Rise includes 15 total songs and is a follow up to her 2013 release of Better Tomorrow. In 2011, Etana released Expressions and in 2008 she released her debut album with The Strong One which featured a guest appearance by Alborosie on the song “Blessing”.

Etana, whose name means “the strong one”, opens up her new album with a Bob Marley remake of “Selassie is the Chapel” and below, you can listen to her new song, “Trigger”, as it’s her first music video from the new record. I also included the music video to the song “Reggae” from her last album Better Tomorrow. It’s a personal favorite and I believe you’ll be better off knowing that song exists.

Before the record drops on October 28th, fans in St. Petersburg, FL will get to see Etana share the stage with southern CA reggae-rock group, Fortunate Youth. The show is at Jannus Live on September 11th. It would be interesting to see if she joins Fortunate Youth up on stage for a song! We love seeing collaborations and because these artists share a great depth of soul in their own unique approach to reggae, the pairing could be pretty electric, soulful & mind-blowing! Also playing the St. Petersburg show will be The Steppas, Ashes of Babylon and Ease Up.

She’s collaborated with The Aggrolites on a great remix of their song “Complicated Girl” for the Dub Rockers Vol. 1 compilation and is a leading lady in soulful reggae. We would love to see her collaborating more around the reggae-rock community!

Stay tuned for more information on her new album, I Rise, as we’ll have more details as soon as they’re made available to us. Check the links below for more information on Etana’s music, videos & live performances!

Etana – I Rise Track Listing:
a9ea18c1-186f-430a-984f-44c9022a7da71.) Selassie is the Chapel
2.) How Long
3.) On My Way
4.) Stepping Out Of Babylon
5.) Jamaica Woman
6.) I Rise
7.) Richest Girl
8.) Love Song
9.) By Your Side
10.) Passing Thru
11.) Trigger
12.) Ward 21 (Stenna’s Song)
13.) Emancipation
14.) Jah Jah
15.) Jam Credits

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Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Etana – “Trigger”

Watch: Etana – “Reggae”