Every Dirty Heads Album, Ranked

Every Dirty Heads Album, Ranked

By The Reggae Plug

I grew up in the 90’s as a skater who loved music. Bands like Sublime, 311, and No Doubt were in heavy rotation in my CD collection. However, at the time, I didn’t realize they belonged to a specific scene—if there even was one then.

All that changed in 2012 when I was introduced to Dirty Heads. This moment not only introduced me to a new genre but also made them my favorite band and would change my life forever. I always loved hip hop, at appreciated reggae, the combination of both in Dirty Heads’ music was a game changer. It ultimately led me to become “The Reggae Plug”, and the reason I’m even writing this specific article for the exact media outlet that helped me dive deeper into their music back then.

This list is subjective, and your rankings might differ—that’s the beauty of music. So, let’s dive into it.

Honorable Mention: “Dirty Demos” – While not officially part of the list, it would be a shame not to mention this as their introduction to the world. YouTube it if you’re unfamiliar. 

1. Any Port in a Storm
This album is a masterpiece! From the first DJ scratch of “Neighborhood” to Duddy’s echoing acoustic guitar ending “I Got No Time”, there’s not a single skip on this 23-track album. “Port” declares their intent to be the fucking GOATs, and if you disagree, “you can speak into the microphone, it’s right above” — well you know the rest.

2. Cabin By the Sea
If this is your number one album, I understand. It’s either my top two, and I suspect it might be the same for many others. More laid-back instrumentally compared to their other works, yet filled with incredible lyrics and melodies. It’s perfect for a party with friends on a summer night—just remember to send another bottle instead of help.

3. Dirty Heads 
Who self-titles their fifth album? Geniuses do. This album marks Dirty Heads’ transformation into the powerhouse they are today. It encapsulates everything we love about them: top-tier rapping and hooks from Jared, smooth vocals and guitar from Duddy, powerful percussion from Jon Jon and Matty, signature bass lines from David, polished keys from Shawn, and perfectly placed horns throughout. Of all their albums, this one truly deserves to be self-titled.

4. Home | Phantoms of Summer: The Acoustic Sessions
“Sloths Revenge” starts with a note instantly recognizable to any fan, leading into the most enjoyable sing-along I’ve ever been part of—many times over. That alone could justify its ranking, but tracks like “Gold to Me,” “Phantom,” and “Garland” could actually push it higher. This album showcases Dirty Heads’ ability to shine in both huge, produced for live sets and stripped-down acoustic arrangements.

5. Midnight Control
In a few years, this might top my list, but for now, it’s overshadowed by albums that soundtracked some of my best moments in my life. That said, it’s undeniably the most Dirty Heads-iest Dirty Heads album yet. Opening with what might be their coolest song to date, it displays the dynamic duo of Dirty J and Duddy B in the way they’ve always been, two pirates looking for mischief.

6. Super Moon
Super Moon is fantastic; I love it, and most of its songs are mainstays on my playlists since its release. Many other bands would place an album of this quality at the top of their catalog, but this isn’t just any band—it’s DH.

7. Sound Of Change
Now things start to get interesting. The last two albums on my list are the most experimental. It feels odd to rank an album so low that includes so many setlist staples. As a cohesive project, however, it doesn’t surpass the others. That being said, having B-Real and Tech N9ne onboard—how can you beat that?

8. Swim Team
Every band has an album that belongs in the garbage, and this is theirs. “Mad At It” and “West Coast” are incredible live, but the rest… let’s just say “Vacation” is best left unmentioned by me.

To sum it up, Dirty Heads are amazing. Ranking their albums is no easy task, and by the time this article is published, my views may have shifted. I love Dirty Heads and am forever grateful for the impact their music has had on my life